Thesis statement for animal adoption

All of them in of a good home. Our shelter sits on 5.

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TLC Humane Society is very active in the community, hosting adoption events almost every weekend on the beautiful Dahlonega Square…. Animal Adoption Options: Shelter or Store?

People looking to adopt animals have a number of options about how to do this. Adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue center is more advantageous and desirable for the owner and animal than adopting from a store or breeder…. Most of these animals were perfectly healthy, normal, and suitable pets that were never adopted yet were euthanized due to over population.

Humans have kept pets ever since ancient times. Centuries ago they were mostly kept for food, source of material such as fur, and hunting aids, but now a days they are companions and the thought of killing, eating, and wearing…. Three current incentives are being offered at the San Diego Humane Society. In other words, we act as the intermediary between customers and various organizations. Besides offering information to customers, we can also evaluate the qualification of the customers for adoption. The statement of the specific objectives of our website offers the information of puppies to customers and gathers information of customers to organizations.

The website is the most important part to our business. We act as the intermediary between…. Animal Adoption Do you know how many animals are in the shelter and put to death each year? Of those, approximately 3. Each year, approximately 2. Most people will do some form of research before making the decision to adopt. Specific Purpose: To persuade my effective speaking class the benefits of adopting a pet over buying one from a breeder or pet store.

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Essays Essays FlashCards. My life was full of animals from the early childhood. Today, remembering all wonderful hours that I have spent with these animals I realize that exactly these furry animals made my life better by their funny tricks and true friendship.

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Being honest, I planned to adopt a pet several months ago, but I had no such opportunity at that period of time. Nowadays everything has greatly changed, and I am only waiting for an opportunity to take an animal from a shelter. It is true that I am interested exactly in the animal from a shelter because these animals suffered a lot of torments during their short life, and I think that it will be a very humane act from my side not to buy a pet, but to take it from the shelter.

Pet Adoption

Thinking about what type of pet to choose, I doubted between cat and dog. Of course, I like cats, but I also like dogs. It was a kind of dilemma for me. But comparing and contrasting all advantages of being the owner of a cat and a dog, I decided to choose the dog. Nowadays, I am trying to change the own way of life and to spend much more time outside. Thus, it will help me to go for a walk with my future dog, and to share my new healthy lifestyle with a four-footed friend.

Reading the previous statement, it can seem that I need only a pure-bred dog, but it is not true because naming different breeds of dogs I was only trying to define their sizes. They are all unwanted and helpless hence you are offering them a new life in a loving homestead Love, , p.

Need custom written paper? We'll write an essay from scratch according to your instructions! Activate JavaScript to see the phone number. You aid stop cruelty in mass breeding facilities.

All over the country, thousands of commercial pet —breeding facilities and backyard breeders usually produce millions of animals to be sold in pet stores and through media commonly known as puppy and kitten mills. These repeatedly impregnated female dogs and they could spend their entire life in the cages lonely.

This environment exposed them to unhealthy conditions as they could litter and litter the cages with no clean ups. Adopting those animals means you do not support such cruel practices Freedman, , p. The shelter animals give people an opportunity to particpate in charitable activities. When you adopt a shelter animal you lead to support of valuable charity and society institution.

It true that in every society an animal shelter is required.

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Once you adopt a pet from the shelter other people most probably your friends would also want to get such pet. Animals from sheter animalls get good animal care. When you adopt a pet from shelter you are assured of an animal that has received good care. There are professional staffs in the shelter that always check of the safety and good handling of the animals.

Persuasive Essay on Adopting a Dog

They ensure vaccination upon arrival of the animal and go through behavior screening process. They have recruited several vet nary officers that visit the shelter weekly to assist with health care issues and concerns.

Essay on Pet Adoption

Moreover, Adult animals are perfect! So when you get your pets from the shelter you take the advantage of adopting the mature and adult ones. Adult pets are already housetrained and some can even be used to help in house chores like dogs been to shops and such.