Thesis on child labor in pakistan

With the information gathered by Masih, police raided the factory and saved tortured and abused children. Iqbal is admired and respected because of what he did with his freedom, his knowledge and his voice after liberation. He began to speak nationally and internationally on behalf of all of the tortured children enduring forced labor in sweat shops. He spoke in India and Pakistan and was invited by the United States and Europe to speak to enormous crowds of people about the atrocities children in Pakistan faced under the strong hand of forced labor.

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He informed people all over the world — in the U. Many of the people who had purchased carpets from Pakistan began to avoid buying carpet from those factories. In , Pakistan had sold fewer carpets to other countries. Initially, the sales were not affected much; however, within two years, carpet sales in Pakistan had declined sharply and made the factory owners indignant.

He was also able to get his message out to enslaved children in Pakistan. In addition to the children he helped to escape the factories, he motivated over 3, other children to escape from their masters and be free from bondage and captivity.

Thesis child labor pakistan

He actuated and inspired parents and adults to demand fair and adequate working conditions. By way of his influential and moving speeches, he won the hearts of many of the U. This twelve-year-old activist, who put his heart and mind into a risky project, where death was awaiting his arrival at every corner — this young, intelligent, courageous child did not let anything deter him from his purpose. For his nobility and loyalty, for his heart and courage, for not forgetting about those who were still enslaved when he was set free and his voice was heard, for an act of the esteem mirroring that of Daniel in the Bible, he was awarded followers, dignity, support, the happiness and gratitude of others and freedom.

Iqbal's plans for the future were to become a lawyer and fight for the children and against bonded labor and child enslavement. Iqbal and his cousin went off to visit their uncle who worked near his aunt's home. On the way there, a shot gun was fired at the two from a distance and Iqbal was instantly killed.

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There are many different stories as to who shot Iqbal and why. Some say the farmer was from the "carpet mafia" and others say because he informed the bonded laborers of their rights under the new legislation and encouraged them to leave the forbidden factories and carpet mills. Others say he was shot as a random, heinous crime.

The truth still floats in the air, but one thing that is clear is that in spite of his young death, Iqbal Masih made a huge difference in legislation, in businesses, in morals and, most of all, in the continuation of people's lives. Forget about child labor photo essay about what a healthy nation.


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Because according to the World Bank more than 1. For many of these families child labor issue is a very painful truth to deal with.

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Now the question is on whether every poor family sends their child to work or not. Because of strong campaign against child labor now days some families in developing countries send their child to work.