The negative impact beauty and the media essay

Essay about Media’s Impact on Beauty and Body Image of Young Girls

The natural appearance of a person plays a significant role in defining beauty in both men and women. As a result many people aim at improving their physical appearance through any available means and procedures to meet the standards and demands of the world. Although dressing has always been considered in describing beauty, a trend has emerged where people concentrate on improving and modifying their natural appearance in order to win beauty titles and crowns.

It is quite amazing that some of these methods have long term effects on victims, a factor which has been overshadowed by society demand. Consequently, people have been influenced to accept some of these practices as the most preferred and highly recommended. One of these aspects of beauty which is perceived as good is skin bleaching which continues to affect thousands of victims in the world. It is believed that media has significantly promoted this culture by portraying as the most appropriate approach of becoming a beauty icon in the entire world Wallace, There have been cases of people developing skin cancer, emanating from skin bleaching accompanied with a wide array of other harmful factors.

The skin is the largest body organ in terms of surface area. As the outer covering of the body, many people have the interest of maintaining its standards through various means including change of color. Skin bleaching is also referred to as skin lightening or skin whitening and it involves the use of chemicals like cosmetics to lighten or whiten the skin. It has become a common trend among many people in the world including both black and white people.

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The practice has also been associated with prominent personalities like musicians who bleach parts of their bodies portraying a mixture of colors with a good example being the late Michael Jackson. Skin bleaching has turned out to one of the most controversial topics in the history of humanity. It has been criticized by many people of its fatal effects which continue to affect the health of millions of people around the globe. It also has negative impact on issues of racial supremacy, identity and colonial mentality.

Skin whitening makes individuals not to appreciate who they are with regard to originality and background, making it hard to embrace personal identity. Despite the negative effects of skin bleaching, many people still view it as a good practiced which should be accepted in the entire society.

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Despite this perception, skin whitening has received sharp criticism Wallace, A midst this controversy blames indicate that media has played a major role in portraying skin bleaching as an acceptable behavior without considering countless negative effects it has on victims. According to this research, controversy has always surrounded the role of skin bleaching in beauty. Many medical experts and dermatologists argue that skin whitening has more than fatal effects on human health.

It has also been noted that the practice is closely associated with the media industry. As result, this research is aimed at establishing the role of media in portraying skin whitening as an acceptable practice. Skin-bleaching is one the most discussed topics with regard to human health in a contemporary society. Because of the emergence of manifold skin chemicals and concoctions, there has been increased focus on the negative effects of skin bleaching together with its relationship to media.

Many researchers, medical experts and other analysts have invested their time and resources in unraveling the truth that lies behind skin whitening. This researched information has become quite resourceful for academic purposes and in educating the general public on the negative effects of skin bleaching. Thousands of books, journals and other research articles have been authored and published to create awareness in the entire word. This research used some of these authentic resources in gathering relevant information as directed by the research statement and questions.

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According to Groot, Nater and Weyland, skin bleaching has become a common practice in the society with both men and women adopting it. As argued by the three experts, the chemical composition of many cosmetics used in skin whitening expose users to countless side effects some of which are fatal whereas others are considerably very costly in terms of medication. There are thousands of skin creams which are usually sold across counters without any formal prescription from a medical practitioner.

Almost every skin cream contains active ingredients some of are very dangerous to human skin and the general health. Some of these ingredients noted by Groot, Nater and Weyland include but not limited to mercury, hydroquinone and Alpha hydroxyl acids. Mercury has always been known to be quite dangerous. As one of the active ingredients of common skin creams, users have higher chances of developing neurological problems.

The concern a bout mercury has been so significant forcing some states like Minnesota to outlaw some of the cosmetics which intentionally feature mercury like skin lighteners. When, however, the action has made an approach to the inflammatio assuefacta, then it may be useful to raise the action simply by dry heat, for a little, before we apply heat and moisture; media and beauty impact negative the the essay because, if we apply moisture at first, the progress is more tedious, and the media and beauty impact negative the the essay action is less certainly excited[20].

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Brown and williamson tobacco corporation this, as well as a palpable Gallicism in Act IV. Adolescents today are extremely influenced by external factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, family, religion, education technology, and the media. Media is a type of communication that was developed so as to reach, and influence, a mass market. Media includes radio, newspapers, magazines, television, motion pictures, and the Internet. Media of all types have a powerful and profound influence on adolescents. Everyday young girls are bombarded with distorted images of what constitutes a beautiful female.

This is a false representation of reality.

The media plays an enormous role in this deception. Young adolescent girls believe that they must look like the people in the magazine ads, on television, in the movies, on billboards, etc. Their image of what their body should look like becomes distorted. Their body image is their perception and emotions they have about their bodies.

Thus, their body image significantly affects their self-esteem, self-confidence, and overall value of self. Appearance and overall attractiveness becomes paramount with self worth. Success and worth are often equated with being thin in popular culture.

Peer pressure and what people see in the media may fuel this desire to be thin, particularly among young girls. Over time, beauty standards for adolescent girls has evolved and changed. History would suggest that it was not until the late twentieth century that thinness was desirable. A good example of this was Marilyn Monroe. In her heyday, many adolescent girls considered Ms. Monroe the epitome of beauty. Many aspired to look like.

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Monroe was a size twelve. She immediately feels pressure to lose weight. This is because the image of beauty that is portrayed in the mass media is a supermodel who weighs approximately 98 pounds, and is a size double zero.

The unrealistic portrayal has lead to a dearth of health issues, especially in the adolescent girl. These distorted images are introduced to girls at a very young age that is critical to mental development. A good example of this is the Barbie doll. Most girls are introduced to this image at the toddler stage. Barbie is tall, thin, with large breasts, and a very tiny waist. Her image is supposed to represent beauty, and the media tells young girls that if they want to be loved and successful, they must be beautiful like Barbie.