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Generally, this means creating a piece consisting of three or more paragraphs, with each paragraph being at least three sentences long. The introductory paragraph should contain a thesis statement that provides an overview of what will be discussed while the last paragraph should be dedicated to a conclusion and reiterating the primary point. Any middle sections provide additional depth to the essay and typically represent the bulk of the content.

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However, in a standard scholarship essay format, each paragraph should focus on a single point that supports the larger thesis. To help them navigate tricky scholarship essay format decisions, here are some general tips:. While they may find the additional details interesting, falling off target can be seen as them not following instructions, a lack of focus, or trouble with self-editing.

When writing their scholarship essay, your student needs to ask themselves a few key questions, including:. The rest can provide the necessary backstory and other details about their role model. Ultimately, the scholarship essay format and content need to provide a cohesive narrative that helps the judges learn about your child.

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Ideally, your child should enlist the help of someone else, such as a trusted teacher, friend, or parent like you! Often, it is easier for a fresh set of eyes to catch errors that may be overlooked by the person who wrote the piece.

It can be tough to have writings as personal as scholarship essays read by family members, as it may make them feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. And, in the end, being able to write openly and honestly about their experiences can be the difference that sets them apart and helps them score scholarships.

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Just be there to support them through this journey and provide encouragement. In the end, that can make more of a difference in the long-term than taking a red pen to their essay ever could. We are going to focus on how to start a scholarship essay introduction. Scholarships are super competitive and the reviewers may not even have time to read the entire essay submitted.

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So, the first sentence of your scholarship application is your first and best chance to convince the reader to continue reading. That sounds stressful, but rest assured, your introduction can actually be your best tool for success. Luckily, there is no one right way to write a scholarship introduction, but there are some things you must keep in mind. Imagine that your readers have to read hundreds of applications. You must make your essay stand out.

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Your introduction should be short, sweet, and to the point. This is the place to establish for the reader what you will be discussing in the rest of the essay. Do you have a short story you can open your essay with? Try to develop a personal connection with the reader from the start of your essay- readers are more likely to remember you if you give them something personal. Do you notice the difference?

Which example makes you feel like you want to know more about the writer? Of course, example 2.

This is the effect that your essay introduction should have on the reader. Be sure to maintain a unique voice in your introduction and throughout your essay. Remember that there are many other accomplished students like yourself who are fighting for the scholarship. Dive into your passions and share with the reader what makes you special.