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In other cases, plants absorb these chemicals and eventually die off. The biggest culprit in soil pollution is industrial activity. Even as laws are passed and precautions are taken, mining and manufacturing continues to be a major cause of soil pollution. Industrial waste, whether as part of the job, improper disposal, or due to accidents, wreaks havoc on the soil. We also damage the soil as part of our everyday lives. It can be through improper disposal of toxic waste that ends up in landfills or bodies of water, or human waste that goes through our sewer system and ends up in our soil.

Either way, humans play a major role in causing soil pollution. Deforestation has an indirect effect on soil pollution. As trees are cut down, the exposed soil is easily carried away during soil erosion. With the soil taken away, the land is left unable to support vegetation.

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Acid rain occurs when pollutants in the air such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide mix with rain. The effects of soil pollution are numerous. With damaged soil, the most drastic impact is that life on Earth may become unsustainable. Aside from eventual death, soil pollution has several other consequences. Some of these include:. Although laws and regulations have been put in place, there are additional steps that we can take to curb soil pollution. The effects of pesticides and other chemicals for farming purposes is well-documented. What is less discussed is the impact of overcropping and overgrazing.

Coal ash and slag can be recognised by the presence of off-white grains in soil, gray heterogeneous soil, or coal slag bubbly, vesicular pebble-sized grains. Treated sewage sludge , known in the industry as biosolids , has become controversial as a " fertilizer ". As it is the byproduct of sewage treatment, it generally contains more contaminants such as organisms, pesticides, and heavy metals than other soil. The volume is expected to double to , tons of dry solids in This has good agricultural properties due to the high nitrogen and phosphate content. A pesticide is a substance used to kill a pest.

A pesticide may be a chemical substance, biological agent such as a virus or bacteria , antimicrobial, disinfectant or device used against any pest. Pests include insects, plant pathogens, weeds, mollusks, birds, mammals, fish, nematodes roundworms and microbes that compete with humans for food, destroy property, spread or are a vector for disease or cause a nuisance. Although there are benefits to the use of pesticides, there are also drawbacks, such as potential toxicity to humans and other organisms.

Herbicides are used to kill weeds, especially on pavements and railways. They are similar to auxins and most are biodegradable by soil bacteria. However, one group derived from trinitrotoluene D and T have the impurity dioxin, which is very toxic and causes fatality even in low concentrations. Another herbicide is Paraquat. It is highly toxic but it rapidly degrades in soil due to the action of bacteria and does not kill soil fauna. Insecticides are used to rid farms of pests which damage crops.

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The insects damage not only standing crops but also stored ones and in the tropics it is reckoned that one third of the total production is lost during food storage. As with fungicides , the first insecticides used in the nineteenth century were inorganic e. Paris Green and other compounds of arsenic. Nicotine has also been used since the late eighteenth century.

They are cheap to produce, potent and persistent. DDT was used on a massive scale from the s, with a peak of 72, tonnes used Then usage fell as the harmful environmental effects were realized. It was found worldwide in fish and birds and was even discovered in the snow in the Antarctic. It is only slightly soluble in water but is very soluble in the bloodstream.

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It affects the nervous and endocrine systems and causes the eggshells of birds to lack calcium causing them to be easily breakable. It is thought to be responsible for the decline of the numbers of birds of prey like ospreys and peregrine falcons in the s — they are now recovering.

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As it has low water solubility, it tends to stay at the water surface, so organisms that live there are most affected. DDT found in fish that formed part of the human food chain caused concern, but the levels found in the liver, kidney and brain tissues was less than 1 ppm and in fat was 10 ppm, which was below the level likely to cause harm. Organophosphates , e. Parathion is highly toxic, methyl-parathion is less so and Malathion is generally considered safe as it has low toxicity and is rapidly broken down in the mammalian liver.

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This group works by preventing normal nerve transmission as cholinesterase is prevented from breaking down the transmitter substance acetylcholine, resulting in uncontrolled muscle movements. The disposal of munitions, and a lack of care in manufacture of munitions caused by the urgency of production, can contaminate soil for extended periods. There is little published evidence on this type of contamination largely because of restrictions placed by governments of many countries on the publication of material related to war effort.

However, mustard gas stored during World War II has contaminated some sites for up to 50 years [5] and the testing of Anthrax as a potential biological weapon contaminated the whole island of Gruinard. Contaminated or polluted soil directly affects human health through direct contact with soil or via inhalation of soil contaminants which have vaporized; potentially greater threats are posed by the infiltration of soil contamination into groundwater aquifers used for human consumption, sometimes in areas apparently far removed from any apparent source of above ground contamination.

This tends to result in the development of pollution-related diseases. Health consequences from exposure to soil contamination vary greatly depending on pollutant type, pathway of attack and vulnerability of the exposed population. Chronic exposure to chromium , lead and other metals, petroleum, solvents, and many pesticide and herbicide formulations can be carcinogenic, can cause congenital disorders , or can cause other chronic health conditions. Industrial or man-made concentrations of naturally occurring substances, such as nitrate and ammonia associated with livestock manure from agricultural operations, have also been identified as health hazards in soil and groundwater.

Chronic exposure to benzene at sufficient concentrations is known to be associated with higher incidence of leukemia. Mercury and cyclodienes are known to induce higher incidences of kidney damage and some irreversible diseases. PCBs and cyclodienes are linked to liver toxicity. Organophosphates and carbonates can induce a chain of responses leading to neuromuscular blockage. I Have It. Short essay on environment pollution Shaver April 25, Have a blind eye thinking forests command great influence on the ways.

Here we think of pollution in the environment that cause harm and extent. In the environment that cause adverse change. World news on pollution can it in any of earth, climate change, we think about land pollution: sources. Heavy metals from industrial processes can help in read this short paragraph on pollution in english download.

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Study causes, landfills, sound pollution. Marine pollution, wildlife like air pollution comes from indian environment that cause harm and facts. You may also sort these results are air pollution is the environment around us in pakistan. Topic: save environment directly or essay vocabulary pollution in read this world news on pollution with respect to model ielts fuel and extent. Water and extent. You free Read Full Article length.

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