Short essay on can money buy happiness

I believe that money can not buy happiness, and actually I believe that in some ways money can negatively consume your life which would not make you very happy.

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What I mean by this is, say someone is desperate for money, and then they will do anything to get their hands on it. That could mean robbing someone of it, which would consume your life by getting you thrown in jail. This would make their life all about money, therefore consuming them in their obsession to wanting more and more. Being happy is an emotion, it is something you feel, not something you buy. That is why …Happiness is priceless!

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Can money buy happiness

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    Can Money Buy Happiness Essay

    There is no surprise that the happiness has a lot of dimensions as well as different things make people happy. For example, happiness is often associated with wealthy and love. Moreover, as this topic, Can Money Buy Happiness , is as old as time itself, you can find more than enough authors, philosophers, and such that tackle it in a rather professional way. A couple of both pro and contra quotes inserted at the right time in your essay can make a big difference. By desiring little, a poor man makes himself rich.

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    Can Money Buy Happiness Essay

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    English Debate on "Money Is Everything."