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It all depends on the life style you want to achieve. Its more of a felling than an object now. I believe that home is a word that is used as a feeling.

When it used to be considered a house or physical establishment. It is what you make it. A home is place of memories and a place where you feel comfort. If you are comfortable with your living situation and your comfortable with where you sleep at ngith that is your home. Basically we need to see the bigger picture. Thigns are different now and times have changed. Sometimes peoples homes change to accomidate the life style they want to achieive.

If your goal in life is to travel the world and help people then technically the world is your home. As each now project arrises you also rise to the occasion to help. Another example is if you and your boyfriend decided to get married and have a baby and you live in a one bed room, you would move to accomidate your new lifestyle. Maybe move to a better location to raise your child and get a bigger house. Everyones lifesytles are different which also makes everyones homes different.

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As society grows and techniology enchances and expands. The opportunity for humans does also. Instead of only having the option to grow up in a small town and work on a farm or one day take over the family business, now you can move out the country. Live in japan or volunteer in Africa. We are now ina world with almost endless possibilities.

You choose weather you want to live on the streets, have a family and a house, owna business. Society has come long way from slavery, to gay rights. It is important that consumers should be aware that when returning the goods they should be in a satisfactory condition for their age and use, otherwise the creditor may seek further monies from you to cover any losses caused, by damage other than normal wear and tear.

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