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This law does not, however, apply to the criminals and gangs. Rather, if there is or not a ban or regulation of guns, criminals have ways of accessing these firearms and use them for their own sinister purposes. The laws and regulations that are placed for gun laws have in no way the capacity of controlling or curtailing the selling of illegal guns to gangs and criminals.

The state of Chicago for incidence does not allow for the selling of handguns Siegel As a result of this, the Chicago Area is one of the places whereby acquiring guns is a tenuous exercise. This is in centrally to the incidences of the mass shooting, crime, and violence that are seen in the area unlike in areas which have n stricter measures like Chicago.

Individuals who want to buy a gun first undergo a background check and thereafter wait up to a month before being allowed to legally carry a gun. In this state for instance, there are thousands of illegal firearms that are in the streets and most of them are unregistered. The trend of the guns trooping into the streets every month is worrying despite measures been put I place to restrict as much as possible for individuals to obtain guns in a legal manner. Another instance which has depicted contrary evidence of attempting to regulate and ban guns so as to prevent mass shootings can be observed n England.

The changes that were imposed of banning all guns and hence making it illegal for individuals to own guns made matters worse. Since the passage of this regulation, it has been observed that there have been increased incidences of crime in the streets of London unlike when there was an allowance of individuals to own and use guns legally Khimn Despite England being perceived as a nation with the stringiest rules that were in place towards regulating guns in the population, the law not only created an illusion whereby the individuals not only felt that they were safe but also placed them in the hands of criminals at a very disadvantaged position whenever encounters with these criminal gangs occurred in the streets.

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This is mainly due to the citizens being defenseless and unarmed whenever they were confronted by the gangs. For the period of up to , the rates and incidences of crime more than doubled in England. Individuals in London are six times more likely to be robbed and defrauded at gun point than individuals who are staying in New York. S have indicated that the burglars fear more of armed homeowners than the fear of the law itself.

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The application of regulating and restricting guns in England not only crated unintended consequences such as lawlessness in the streets but also led to the increase of crime rates being occasioned in its streets Khimn Criminals in England were due to this regulation motivated and could now openly perform their illegal and criminal activities with no fear of the public reciprocating back with the same level of fire arm.

The case of Britain has played itself in American states that have in the past passed such kind of laws. It has been observed that in states that have passed more and more laws of restricting gun control, the less effective these gun laws have been towards limiting incidences of mass shooting and other criminal activities. For instance, of the 15 states which have the highest incidences of homicide, 10 of them lead in the homicide rates.

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The banning of gun laws in Washington D. C is another example which indicates that the state has consistently had the highest numbers of homicide as well as crime and robbery rates than in the states which did not pass stricter gun laws for its citizens. In summary, it is evident from the arguments presented above depicting that have stricter guns does not necessarily correlate with reducing the incidences of mass shootings and crimes.

There is an inverse relationship that has been observed in states that have stricter gun laws with the incidences of crime and armed robbery being measured of the same in these cities. To this end, effective strategies need to be applied so as to end mass shootings rather than using the method of restricting the possession of guns by the public.

Restraining mass shootings requires other interventions beyond restricting gun laws in the society. More and more gun laws have been observed as being less effective in solving this crisis. Just fill out the form, press the button, and have no worries! You need to Log in or Sign up for a new account in order to.

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Forgot password. Your email This is an obligatory field. There is no debate with regards to homicide, a person takes the life of a Gun Control Gun Control The right to bear arms is guaranteed in the constitution by the Second Amendment. Liberals are looking to amend the constitution any way they can. They want to ban handguns or at least restrict sales.

Studies have shown that gun control cannot stop people from committing the crime.

While the Founding Fathers of this country were developing the system of government, as set forth in the Constitution, many feared that a standing army controlled by a strong central government would leave Euthanasia is the Best Option euthanasia argumenta Euthanasia is the Best Option euthanasia argumentative persuasive essays Euthanasia is the Best Option Euthanasia is a very controversial topic.

People argue as to whether or not a person who is terminally ill, or handicap, should have the right to die by euthanasia. People say that dying by euthanasia is to die with dignity,instead of living an artificial life on respirators and other life support machines. Two people quickly spotted the firearms and tried to tackle the man; he shot them and left them wounded as he continued his journey down the hall of the school.

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Finally, the man reached his destination: the gym, where a class a kindergartners were having P. Have you heard this before? This is the second amendment out of the constitution. It states that we the people of The United States of America have the right to own a firearm. Recently, our government has been taking the necessary steps to abolish this amendment. Owning a gun is a right, not a privilege.

We as citizens have to protect the second amendment so we can protect ourselves if necessary. It remains unclear as of this writing exactly how much of this massive verdict will ever be collecte Oval Office Oval Office President Clinton contacted Dick Morris, an associate of seventeen years, one month before the gubernatorial elections with one goal in mind, to win the presidential election.

His intentions were to get Morriss help to win back the presidency and redefine his image as the Commander in Chief. With the notion of the permanent campaign, Clinton was able to gain back public appeal and win the election with ease. Introduction I. What is the foundation of modern technology? Thesis Statement: I will persuade you in that, 1 federal gun control laws are unconstitutional, and 2 I will prove the 2nd Amendment is both a State and Individual Right.

Body I. Just as important of an issue to many people is gun control. Gun control lobbyists believe that there should be more control over firearms while anti-lobbyists believe there is already enough. Westerns and Police shows have kept us inundated with gun play and car chases.

However many feel that entertainment companies have gone too far.

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Politicians, like Al Gore and Bill Clinton, have officially asked the producers and television stations to tone down the violence in their produ Agressive driving agressive driving Persuasive Speech: Agressive Driving Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that aggressive driving should be avoided.

Attention Getter: Speeding, tailgating, giving the finger and outright violence. Each day Americans grow more and more likely to take out their personal frustrations on other drivers. It is called aggressive driving and it is on the incline. Definition: Driving is a curious combination of public and private acts.

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A car isolates a driver f Behind the Oval Office Behind the Oval Office President Clinton contacted Dick Morris, an associate of seventeen years, one month before the gubernatorial elections with one goal in mind, to win the presidential election. Cloning technology is expected to aid the result in several medical breakthroughs. It is thought that there may one day be a cure for cancer. This is because the cloning process helps us understand the process of cell differentiation. Theories e Gun Laws Gun Laws States from Michigan to Nebraska to California, as well as the federal government, are considering new rules on letting law-abiding citizens carry guns.

Does allowing citizens to carry concealed handguns deter violent crimes? Or does this cause otherwise law-abiding citizens to harm each other? Thirty-one states now have guaranteed their citizens the right to carry concealed handguns if applicants do not have a criminal record or a history of significant mental illness. As we near the end of the 20th century the use of guns has changed significantly. Violence associated with guns is increasing every year and something must be done to stop it.