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I think it's the same here so one more vote for the second story. I loved the book too - amazing, amazing, amazing. Did not feel any argument to believe in God because of it, rather in human survival instinct.

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But loved it! Nov 10, AM.

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I believe that the story with the people is the actual story. It initially struck me as a way to explain some of the styles of writing within the Bible. I struggle with the Bible, because there so many stories within that appear to be fictitious to me. If the story about the people illustrates what actually happened, then the story about the animals is a way to illustrate the same story with the people, in a more creative exciting way.

I feel that perhaps this same device may have been used in generating some of the stories of the Bible to make them more interesting and readable, though not necessarily untrue. Just think, if the entire book of 'The Life of Pi' had been written as people, and not animals, it would not have been nearly as satisfying. This book did not make me believe in God, but it at least got me to be a little less skeptical about the stories within the Bible.

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My friend and I were debating, and perhaps I need to go back and re-read, but I felt that of all the characters, Pi was Richard Parker. Is this how everyone else felt? Dec 18, AM. Dec 19, AM. Illustrated version is already out - I was looking at in a bookstore this weekend. Is beautiful - I'd like to own it.

Jan 12, PM. Yes, Pi was the tiger, and the tiger did not really exist. Jan 13, AM. This question is exactly why this book has stayed with me. I believe it is about the power of and need for storytelling itself. Literature has always been part of religions. Either story, both, true. Mar 21, PM. I agree with the comments that Nif made that the story with the animals was a way to preserve Pi's faith in people after the horrible event he had been through. I was utterly shocked at the end when Pi told the story with people instead of the animals. I was completely horrified at that story and think it was for his own sanity that he changed the story to have animals.

Part of me still wants to believe that it really did all occur with the animals though. I much preferred the 'animal story' though that emphasized resourcefulness and bravery rather than the 'human story' that depicted absolute savagery. The two stories cannot exist without eachother.


The Better Story in Life of Pi by Yann Martel

They are the same story. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding the flesh-eating algae forest, the meerkats and the teeth? Apr 28, AM. So, if ya'll have determined that the second version is the real one, than why did Pi not give an animal to the frenchman? Why was he left human? Also, why did he go into so much depth about the training of Richard Parker?

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How can his actions with Richard Parker the whistle, the feces, even the building of the raft compare with his own journey? Did he have to train himself? And, if not, than why go into so much depth about it? If it weren't for these two points I would totally believe the second story, but these questions leave enough doubt in my mind that I simply can't.

Apr 29, PM. It's a parable. It is truer in a spiritual sense than the black-and-white facts of the events. Like all parables, it was embellished, not fabricated, and bits that are invisible to the objective reader of the facts are added metaphorically. Sep 01, AM.

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First of all: this is a fictional story. That ought to be taken into consideration While I was reading it I felt that the author was somewhat detached from Pi himself. And that I didn't like. But as I read on, I really started thinking about my own perspective on life, how do I live it, what would I do in his situation, would I just lay there and die, give in; or do all the things he did to survive?

Life of Pi - Which version did you beleive? Showing of

When at the end he asks the Japanese men: "which story do you prefer? Are you a pessimist, a romantic, an optimist? Would you rather be with humans, who very often act so inhumane, animalistic; or with a tiger, who is 'Less' intelligent, yet doesn't over think everything to a point of losing his purpose on Earth, his function? Which one are you? Which story do you chose? I trust that they are both true depending on YOU, the human, the reader.

I sadly have to say that for me it's the second one, although I'm trying to believe with all my might that it's the first one.

Richard Parker

Because it's more romantic and well Sep 30, PM. I've read this book thrice and only now understand the meaning. It really depends. Those who have a specific faith, religious or atheistic as Pi notes that he finds it to be its own faith , are likely to believe in the exaggerated, illogical, irrational story, the one with animals. An agnostic likely takes a more humane, logical story, the one with humans which is told dully in one chapter. The entire book is designed in a way to give faith of some kind to the reader.

The version with animals is incredible, not believable, but we like it better. I dunno. It's more exciting. It was difficult to believe that the second story was the "real" events, as I believe most of you were initially. The first story is likened to some kind of faith. True or not, doesn't matter. It colors life.

Bible, Qoran, Vedas, atheism, whatever. The point is to have a faith, whatever risk. Pi uses the term "leap of faith,"- exciting, dramatic, dangerous, almost fun. The agnostic is quite frankly at the core, scared to choose. They try to reason, but don't take sides.