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Young readers could recognise themselves in such a situation, they probably already have been in a similar one. The setting is created by language. The setting of a novel is very important, because the surroundings influence people. As I have shown above, the novel takes place in Sydney. Sydney is a multicultural city and growing up in a multicultural society is the major issue in the novel. The book shows how complex it is to live between different cultures and social classes.

Her father is a barrister, he belongs to the upper middle class. Her mother is a secretary and belongs to the middle class.

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Josie herself attends a wealthy Catholic school, which actually is for the upper middle class and wealthier children. She only can go there, because she has a scholarship. Josephine and her mother live in Glebe, a suburb outside the city centre of Sydney and near the harbour cf. Marchetta 5. One is of beautiful tree-lined streets with gorgeous old homes and the other, … has old terraces with views of outhouses and clothes-lines.

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Another place which turns up quite often is St. It is in the eastern suburbs. Martin Place is in the middle of the city. At the very beginning Josephine has got a job at Mc Donalds which is also an indication for her social status cf. Marchetta Later, she works in the barrister office of her father and belongs somehow to the upper middle class cf. Michael Andretti, her father, comes originally from Adelaide, where he lives in a suburb near the beach.

During her holidays they make a trip to Adelaide cf. During his stay in Sydney, he works at the Chambers cf. The setting shows that he has a higher social status. The question of the relation in which the narrator stands to the story is an important aspect.

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According to Forster,. The novel Looking for Alibrandi is written by a first person narrator.

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Therefore, the reader gets a very subjective view, which is limited to just one person. The reader needs to realize that what the narrator is recounting might not be the objective truth. So he should question the trustworthiness of the account. Consequently, such a point of view could influence the reader, especially when a book is written for young adults. Moreover, there is a lot of dialogue and direct speech in the book.

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For this reason the readers get more involved, it makes the novel more vivid. According to Forster 75ff. He claims that. But a novel, which is at all complex, often requires flat people as well as round characters.

Forster explains,. If it never surprises, it is flat. If it does not convince, it is a flat pretending to be a round Forster In Looking for Alibrandi , the major character who dominates the story is Josephine Alibrandi. At any rate, she is a round character, because she changes a lot during her last high school year.

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Her attitude in the beginning differs from that in the end, because she learns to come to grips with her multicultural identity and she accepts her life. Josie also learns to understand the people around her, especially her grandmother, which is a surprising aspect. The characters could be divided into adult and adolescent characters, too. They are all round characters. With their relationship to Josephine, they develop in the course of the action.

She could be called a flat character, she stays the way she is. The boyfriends are called John Barton and Jacob Coote. They are round characters.

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John has problems with the high expectations of his family and Jacob has difficulties with his social and cultural background. They appear from time to time in the novel. They seem to be flat characters. Carly Bishop, a schoolmate, should also be noticed, although there is only one chapter about her. She is a flat, but nevertheless important character. Poison Ivy changes her behaviour in the course of the action.

She is a round character. Marchetta, M. D G Dajana Gleim Author. Add to cart. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Characters 3. Boyfriends 4. Conclusion 5. References 1.

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The following essay deals particularly with the aspect of growing up in a multicultural society. Plot The novel tells the story of Josephine Alibrandi who is a seventeen-year-old ethnic girl, coping with the problems of adolescence. Place, time and structure The novel mainly takes place in Sydney where Josephine, her mother and grandmother live. Narrative perspective The question of the relation in which the narrator stands to the story is an important aspect.

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Detailed plot summary for alibrandi essay from the centre. Welcome to josephine alibrandi youth of new constitution alibrandi josephine as the ambitious and drawn out. Dealing with josie alibrandiby clayton, by melina marchetta - download free - como prod.