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Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. Learn More About Chronological Order Mastering text structure helps you make and understand arguments. Compare and Contrast: two or more things are described. Their similarities and differences are discussed. Example: Linux and Windows are both operating systems. Computers use them to run programs. Linux is totally free and open source, so users can improve or otherwise modify the source code. Windows is proprietary, so it costs money to use and users are prohibited from altering the source code.

Example: Here are the three worst things that you can do on a date. This will make you look bad.

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Worse though, you could offend your date. But the worst thing that you can do is to appear slovenly. By not showering and properly grooming, you may repulse your date, and this is the worst thing that you can do. Learn More About Order of Importance Problem and Solution: a problem is described and a response or solution is proposed or explained. Example: thousand of people die each year in car accidents involving drugs or alcohol.

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Lives could be saved if our town adopts a free public taxi service. By providing such a service, we could prevent intoxicated drivers from endangering themselves or others. Example: Eating cereal is easy. First, get out your materials. Next, pour your cereal in the bowl, add milk, and enjoy. Example: when you walk into my bedroom there is a window facing you. To the right of that is a dresser and television and on the other side of the window is my bed.

Identify the text structure.

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Write information from the passage into the appropriate graphic organizer. Graphic organizers are available at the top of the page. Then, put information from the text into the appropriate graphic organizer. Remember to focus on the main idea of each paragraph. I hope that your students enjoy these five tornado themed passages. Students write information from the passages into the appropriate graphic organizer on the backside or a separate sheet of paper. Students will determine the structure of each passage and create visual representation of the text.

They will include information from the passages on their graphic organizers. These passages are themed around cats. I think that this one is a little bit easier to read than some of the other ones. Students read the passages, identify the text structure, and represent the information using the appropriate graphic organizer. This worksheet is a little bit easier than some of the other ones. The questions are the same as the other text structure worksheets, but the passages contains fewer challenging vocabulary words.


This time the worksheet is themed around robots. Students determine the main idea and text structure of each passage and then come up with an appropriate title.

Seeing bright screen for hours make u near sight. Furthermore,it can turn u coach potato. Even if u can connect people around the world,they are not ur real friend. They are just on eletrical device. We can't trust them like ur best friend. And playing video games will bring u communication and social problems. In my opinion,playing outside is the best one.

U can talk ur friends each other. Physical exercise can make u fit and breathe fresh air. There's no more back and joint problems,eye sight problems and coach potato,if u play outside. So for me,playing outside is the best. I like the Wii console, my favourites games are the sports games but I think that is important to do sport to be fit and have a good physical condition.

All Sundays I go to do sport in my parcour class. I think it depends depends on the person and the people around her, because sugar are games with a limitation can be interesting because you meet many people from different countries to practice and learn English and others, also do not think it be many hours since otherwise you lose people in real life and I think it should be a medium to play games with friends and stayed with friends.

It depends on the person I think would be good. Hi everyone, First of all, I think that some people thought that there are a small number of people that play videogames, this is what, sometimes the fathers say. But they don't know, that there ara a lot of people that play videogames nowadays. I think that videogames are good for the people. One positive point is that videogames are a method of entertainment, but there is some people that plays all the day and this are not a entertainment it turns into a bad habit to the person. Another positive point, I think, that some videogames can teach you with a different way, for exemple some shooting games have a previous history with the World War and others.

And you, playing it can learn the history. In addition, i think that when a person took the videogames with a bad habit will have a eyesight with others points for exemple the point that they could turn into a fat person because this person don't do fit. Speaking about that the issue of the article , I think that If you play a sporty game, for exemple the basic games of the Wii Console, you can do exercise with these games. But by other hand, if you go out to do sport somewhere you can do a good exercise, and you could disconect of the screen and the house.

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To sum up, sorry for go up and up with the comment but I think that i have to detail the things that I don't like. I think that do exercise inside using an active gaming is sometimes better than do the exercise outside, because if your friends are far away, is complicated to go with they, so play with video games is better because if the game is online you can play anytime with your friends and you can plug-in a webcam and play like you are next to the friend.

I think that meet friends outside is better than play video games. In my opinion, it's not very weel for the children to stay in front of a screen all the day, because it cause eyes and back problems and addition so a lot of teens don't meet they're friends because they're playing video games.

Some people think is better to go outside with your friends, to meet they or to do exercice because to play all the day causes so many problems. I belive that the video games are good to socializing with other people that in other places of the world and know new cultures, and in a rainy day when you can't go outside you can play video games. Well, if it isn't Thomas!! I remember watching that cartoon as a kid. They're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight. Shunting trucks and hauling sleight. Red and green and brown and blue, They're the really useful crew! All with different roles to play, Round tinmount sheds or far away.

I've forgotten the rest. It's been so long.

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It's just Ha, I guess I haven't changed much. My mum used to scold me then and still When I watch Pokemon!!! In my opinion i think the type of games like just dance that forces to move to make points and win the game are losing popularity because the are other games that are more fun and you dont have to stan up of the sit. Also motion controls are on every device like kinect on xbox, phones have physical stuff, vr, PlayStation move still exists,etc. I think that playing outside your house is much better than play video games. At first place, it is bad for your eyes and it can give you headache if you are looking the screen all the time.

But if you don't play a lot of time is pretty good to play online with your friends for a time. But you don't have to play a lot of time with videogames, you have to go outside your house, meet your friends and have a good time. In my oppinion, i think that playing outside is much better than video games. Firstly, it is not good for your eyes if you pay attention in the desktop, it takes you eyestrain and with a longtime can make you near sighted.. But in the fact, you dont know how to play it well outside. And if you play outside, you can breath the clearly air and act more so it is very good for your healthy.

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In my opinion some kind of video games can be of help for lazy people. For example PokemonGo became really popular last summer and pushed lots of "gamers" to go out and find pokemons. The same happened when Wii Fit first came out. Playing a video game isn't the same as going out and running, or playing volleyball or swimming, but it's at least something. A small step to become more and more fit.

Could someone tell me what type of video game is a good way to keep fit? Or popular?