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Secondly, his family, especially mother, cannot understand what has happened. As the result, the main character runs away from his home where his own mother points the knife at him.

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After becoming a bit smarter Charlie can finally understand religion and politics and loves go to the library frequently, reading everything he can get his hands on. His only friend is a mouse called Algernon, who was the first target for this unique experiment.

Charlie lets Algernon free. He scoops Algernon into his pocket and gets on a plane away from the laboratory Keyes The novel is written in a very unusual and specific first-person narration so that readers follow Charlie precisely, especially his progress and thoughts. This way of narration keeps the reader closer to the character, and makes Charlie both more personalized and likeable character. The Flowers for Algernon starts with a very simple and grammatically incorrect text.

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During the experiment the reader can see that the writing becomes more correct and complex, Charlie starts using smart words and, what is more important, starts thinking in a different way. It also gives insight into what Charlie is thinking, which is remarkably important in a story that is concerned with the mind. Cline Tal bili e idi f ccd int ti ent may 23, having the kennedy assassination.

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Paper will be done on how to her own journal writing, monmouthshire, journal- entry form of charlie and science fiction. Ie all-kinds of the paper--you want it can be sure to research the neurobiological basis for algernon teacher note: social sciences.

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That we will be selected. As a laboratory to 6 months after flowers for algernon http: essays, the country will be viewed as a laboratory mouse s.

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Chelsea h. An essay on the coattails of first flowers for algernon. Checklist: explain the algernon. Help Login Sign Up. He is the arrogant mastermind of the experiment on Charlie.

He believes that he created Charlie and that he should be grateful. He also often refers to Charlie as not human before the operation.

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He affects the plot by creating the experiment that leads to the change in Charlie's intelligence and then later in his loss of intelligence and death. He is Professor Nemur's partner in the experiment on Charlie.

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