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Critical Response Writing Assignment: Working at McDonalds (Essay Sample)

He has pointed out the factors that the teenagers are subjected to when working in restaurants and their short and long-term effects on their later lives and careers. He suggests that teenagers should be left to focus on their studies to avoid the misleading system of teenage jobs. Part 2: Critical Response Teenage jobs give teenagers much-needed opportunities to earn and learn especially when they are not in school. In my opinion, teenage jobs play an important role in preparing teenagers for their latter careers and adulthood.

The increased purchasing power the teenagers get from their jobs is not always to fund their luxury belongings or assert their social status but goes a long way in preparing them for life especially after school. Some of the teenagers help their parents to cover their cost of living while others use it to facilitate their studies. Landing a job for the teenagers reduces the bu Do you need a custom essay?

Order right now:. Other Topics:. What implications did this have for superpower relations?

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Description: Gordon Willard Allport is a professor at the Harvard University, within the department of social relations and majors in psychology Well done, Pace yourself. I was so impressed your reaction part!! You explain your feeling sophisticatedly. I can understand the importance of valance very easily through your experience. I do not want to work now because I am afraid to loose balance. I am not good at time management, so usually, I use long hours to study such as reading and writhing an essay.

I am really proud of your efforts to keep balance well and to finish your homework. I know you are good at writhing, but always you surprise me in the aspect of speed and the contents! Your essay is well organized and I think it is good to insert your own example to explain what the author says in the text. I really understand your feeling that you would put an extra chocolate or art a smiley face with chocolate syrup for making the kid happy if you were ordered a chocolate parfait by little kid.

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However, I am not sure it is good or not to put an extra. I know your feeling and I might do same things, but it is not fair for other custmers who pay same amount of money.

Minecraft Jobs - FIRST DAY IN MCDONALDS! (Custom Roleplay)

How do you think? Thank you for your good essay. Thanks, Anna, for a detailed summary and insightful reaction. I'm glad that this essay allowed you to reflect on your own situation.

Keep the balance, girl! Hi, Anna! You wrote a very well-organized summary. I like the way you used "plain canvas" as a metaphar. It was very understandable.

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I also think that we can share our opinions toward part time jobs. I had had fun to talk about problems so far. Good luck on both on your job and school work!! Good work!