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It says that gender inequality is definitely getting better but when it comes to executive jobs in society men are much more likely to obtain those positions because the trust for women is still not one hundred percent there. There needs to be more woman in Executive positions. I believe it is detrimental that companies and our country have equal men and women in positions of power so that they could balance out ideas and make correct decisions.

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Some quit to prove that they deserve to be treated the same as their male co-workers. It is also less likely that a pregnant woman will be hired for a job. Employers think that pregnant women get to emotional and are not able to handle responsibility because they have different priorities. Pregnancy is seen as a hindrance to doing a good job. However, it is illegal for employers to fire someone because they are pregnant and often times they will find a fake one to do so.

Statistics show that woman still have a difficult time standing up for their rights regarding this situation allowing it to continue being easy for employers to let them go. Another article I found was on independent. According to this article it says that forty five percent of pregnant women are being treated unfairly at work. More statistics show that one in ten women said their employers made them feel guilty because they let their company down for being pregnant, and twenty five percent of women felt like they were not given promotions because of being pregnant.

Essay About Gender Equality

Another problem in society is that information given about this article said that this year seventy one percent of pregnant women who were not given promotions or treated unfairly at work did not stand up for themselves and just let everything go. An EOC survey has that 30, women were fired due to the fact that they are pregnant. This is illegal as I had mentioned before, but women tend to not stand up for themselves and let things like this go. I spoke to my Aunt Nadia who is a doctor in Long Island. When she became pregnant, she felt that some of case load was reduced.

She felt that that was a cop out on the part of the administration and she told them so. She stood up to them and continued doing her job. This article talks about how pregnant women in Ireland are treated unfairly.

Gender Equality In The Workplace Essay

This article talks about how women are describing their pregnancy as a crisis because of on top of being pregnant, they are treated unfairly and have to deal with the stress of that at work. This article also says how the most common form of unfair treatment that women have come out and said, is that they would lose money off their salary or lose a bonus. They would not be able to get promotions and they would be harassed by their colleagues.

This article also discusses the unfair treatment of younger women who are having children, women who expect their second child and women working in retail. Another group that is often treated unfairly are women who came back to work right after child birth. This says that about one in four women, lost their chance of promotion, and work hours. Being pregnant or mother is not justification for firing. Woman have proven they are capable of handling jobs and family without causing problems at work.

When women are not given the treatment they deserve and not given bonuses or promotions, it makes it harder for them to support them selves and their families. Many woman are head of their household these days and should be given the same opportunity as their male counter parts to support their families without repercussions. Its sad things like this continue to be an issue in the work place but, it is a common situation.

Harassment in it self is completely wrong whether it is toward men or toward women. According to an article in the huffingtonpost. According to this article that one in three women between 18 and 34 have been sexually harassed at work. The result said that one in three women have been sexually harassed at work in their lives. This article also talks about how sexual harassment is not easy to find because it could just be a comment about women. It says that out of all the women who claimed to be sexually harassed at work only 29 percent said that they stood up for themselves and reported the fact that they were harassed and 71 percent did not.

Women at work have been harassed and will keep being harassed unless something is said. When I am at work I see the harassment happening all the time by different employees.

This is a form of sexual harassment whether males realize it or not. Women are able to report that and say something. My ex girlfriend happened to quit her job because she was too scared to say anything to the employer because she did not want to deal with his reaction. This article says according to people from a British online survey, that more than half of women have said they have been harassed at work. Some examples of harassment that the article showed were, intentionally not giving promotions, and talking down to a woman and using inappropriate sexual terms.

The last article I researched was from abcnews. S Women Report Workplace Harassment. The method of this research was by calling cell phones of random people. The number recorded was 1, from a national poll. Having the number of people sampled shows proof of what is going on in this country. There is no place for sexual harassment on the job. People need to respect boundaries and remember that there is nothing harmless about sexual harassment.

My counter argument is that women are being treated fairly at work and they are being paid enough for the positions they are in.

Obviously there are exceptions but for the most part, woman are not capable of leaving emotions out of decision making. They are not strong enough to make important decisions, such as declaring war on a different nation. When a family crisis occurs, woman will forsake their career or job to be at home. At the same time, pregnant women should not be given the same work load as normal because they are not emotionally stable due to their hormones during their pregnancy.

They are too worried about their babies and therefore not capable of taking care of work responsibilities. Although the work ethic is there, woman are unable to finish a task as quickly as a man can. The heavier burden is always put on a mans shoulder. Gender inequality has come a long way. It has definitely gotten better because of education and laws put into place but there is so much to improve on still.

In order for continued improvement in gender equality, woman need to stand up for themselves. They are a huge part of the task force and need to stand up for what they believe in. Women also deserve to get paid as much as men if they are doing the same tasks. They are just as educated as men are today and should be allowed to prove themselves in any job situation and be given the same opportunities as men to advance their positions.

We need to see more woman taking control of their opportunities and prove they can get the job done. Gender inequality in Northern Ireland: 3, top jobs but just a third held by women — BelfastTelegraph. Dealing with unfair treatment at work while pregnant BabyCenter. Unfair treatment of pregnant women in work — irishhealth.

An Essay on Gender Equality in the Home, Workplace and Society

Vagianos, A. Harassment at work: These sectors are the worst. The wage gap between men and women has raised much debate, as men are generally more likely. Scott and Schwartz, Even though gender equality in the workplace has improved substantially in the US since especially when women started representing an increasingly larger share of the total workforce and earning about 62 percent as much as men, the women 's average pay continues to be lower than that.

Gender Inequality in the Workplace The generation now has made it easier to equalize men and women but there is still a substantial amount of places where gender inequality is still happening in the workplace and where females still face discrimination. Women are often discriminated in the workplace and are usually not promoted as quickly as men are and they also receive less pay.

History shows that women have not always been defined as property and thought of as second class citizens. But in. Senior women are more. Gender Inequality in the Workplace It was the holiday season and the workers were vigorously working to receive that desperately needed bonus.

Essay on Gender Discrimination in Workplace (673 Words)

The day before the holiday break, the workers were eagerly lined up to receive their checks along with their bonuses. Throughout various aspects of society. Workplace Gender Inequality Gender inequality is currently a hot topic in our society. From education, to the entertainment industry, and more importantly, our daily lives, gender inequality has created a powerful divide between females and males with the seemingly same qualifications and background. The same trend follows in the workplace, females are less likely to hold positions of authority compared to their equivalent male counterparts.

This is a key contributor to the lack of gender equality. Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. It arises from differences in socially constructed gender roles as well as biologically through chromosomes, brain structure, and hormonal differences.

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There is a natural difference also in the relative physical strengths of the sexes. In the workplace Income disparities linked to job stratification Wage discrimination exists when workers are equally qualified and perform the same work but.