Essay violent video games cause behavior problems

Games have sparked controversy on whether they can be good for people, or cause behavioral problems. Well the truth is, video games do not cause behavioral problems, but in fact they can be beneficial to people Better Essays words 6. Media is something used in the daily lives of society for entertainment. The media ranges from music, movies, and video games. However there is a lot of controversy over whether or not violent media promotes violence in real life.

Most of society believes it is just used for entertainment, nothing else. Others believe, with the recent shootings and bombings, that the violent media links to theses events. Violence in media is just a risk factor that can cause aggressive behavior among observers Better Essays words 5 pages.

It's time to end the debate about video games and violence

The people who are in the pro side that are critics of violent video games claim that violent video games start school shootings and violence in youth. The people who are con side who defend violent video games say that violent video games do not cause violence in youth but instead provide a healthy opportunity for children to virtually explore war and violence without bringing it into the real world Better Essays words 1.

Free Essays words 1. The video game industries have been called against and blamed for making kids more aggressive and violent for years. Although recent studies show that violent video games have been useful for kids to get their anger out. It becomes a routine for many to go home and sit and play violent video games like murdering innocent victims is not a big deal. In my experiences I have seen my friends and family….

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Playing the video games is one of the ways to enjoy it. Nowadays, video games are becoming a popular form of entertainment because the excitement and attraction they bring to players.

However, it is better not to allow teenager to play violent games because of the negative effects it has on them. One of the negative effects of playing violent video game…. Literature Review Video game addiction has become a major problem in our society. Many children and teenagers play an excessive amount of hours of video games a day that they develop countless problems such as violent behavior, hostility and social isolation.

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  • Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems.

These are but few of many examples of problems young teenagers face when they have gotten to the point of addiction. However, video game addiction is proven to be associated with academic achievements and social skills as well. Chui et al…. Login Join. Home Page Do video games cause behavior problems Essay. Open Document. The answer is yes. Great opinion from the internet. Violence is communicable Columbine high school and the video game doom.

Big big example of how video games helped inspire violence. As much as I love cod and battlefield, I did a thesis paper in high school and what I've found has changed the way I look at my gaming habits. I personally feel less sensitive to violence because of how much I've been exposed to. You can't blame people for these problems because not everyone understands the correlations.

Education, not finger-pointing, is what needs to be done more. Human Being are Mold-able In music, professional musicians practice up to 8 hours a day to internalize the elements of music: to mold a players instincts, to think musically. We cannot then turn around and claim that when we play a violent game in long sittings we are not internalizing those actions and thought processes.

Astronauts use space simulators to train - why would they use these simulations if they had no effect - surely astronauts know the difference between real life and simulation? Graphics in video games have gotten so good as to realistically mimic the real world. One day probably far in the future in our virtual reality headsets, when we will have the ability to look all around us, listen to the cries of the people we are shooting, and actually feel their blood splattering on our skin, we will have to ask ourselves what we are doing and why.

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Do Violent Video Games Cause Behaviour Problems Media Essay

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Violence in video games lead to violent outbreaks and bad behaviour in real life, many people believe so. Many studies have taken place surrounding this idea, giving valid points to both sides of the topic. These games connect millions of people all around the world, gamers spending countless hours glued to screens looking at a bunch of pixels. These games are evolving every year, as technology gets better so do the games, with more realistic graphics, sound effects and scenarios. So with this, the violent games are also becoming far more realistic, violent and aggressive.

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Many of the violent war games being released today have age restrictions on them, R16 or R18 warning people of the violent content the game has, however this does not stop underage people getting their hands on them. Many studies have taken place to look into whether or not these games are causing bad behaviour, but in this article Christopher J Ferguson states that none of these studies have developed well validated measures of youth violence caused by the games.

And the violent game has nothing to do with making the person violent, as these potential issues are there prior to the individual even playing the game. There have been many studies based around violence in video games, whether it is elevated blood pressure, aggressive behaviour or violent outbreaks.

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A study led by Brock University PhD student Paul Adachi has proved that yes these violent games are causing aggressive behaviour, but this is based on how competitive the game is and not due to the violence. Therefore a non-violent game that is equally competitive will lead the user to show similar aggressive behaviour. In many cases, like the Columbine High school massacre where Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 students, one teacher, and injuring 21 other students before turning the guns on themselves. A lot of people claim that this game caused the two to violently outbreak into the massacre, however there is no proof, and once again, the game has not caused anyone else, out of its millions of players over the years to commit the same heinous crime, Eric and Dylan were capable of these crimes before playing the game, it is however a possibility that the game helped their psychopathic views to be glorified.

Where normal people do not have these psychopathic traits in the first place and play games like this for entertainment only. Children failing in school can become violent or show aggressive behaviour due to the low academic marks and failing to achieve, and many studies state that video games cause children to fail school, thus leading to violent aggressive behaviour. This is falsely accusing video games based upon facts that can be associated with various other activities. Spending six hours a day watching TV, shopping, or sleeping will just as equally affect your school grades, it is down to the individual how they use their time effectively.

Violent video games bring millions of people around the world entertainment, and social interaction through the internet connecting them with other gamers, who have similar interests. Allowing interaction through talking and playing the game, there are many people who believe that these violent video games are causing many people to act out violently, recreating what they see or play in these games. If someone is capable of committing extreme violent acts, or acting in an aggressive manor, they were capable of it well before they took part in playing a computer game.

It is down to the individual who plays these games to act responsible, know right from wrong, and play the games for entertainment only. Violence is not just in video games, it is everywhere and all around us. Words: Poole, S.