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Essay on Tribes in India (Researched Essay)

For students, the question is to what extent these stereotypes still persist in their thinking. The final removal came under the Indian Removal Act. Missionary societies who had invested their time and money teaching Indians to live with their white neighbors and accept Christianity lobbied Congress to oppose the act. It finally passed, but only by a one-vote margin, in September of The Choctaw, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creeks, and Seminoles signed treaties agreeing to leave their homes in the southeast and move west.

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Their travels were marked by outbreaks of cholera, inadequate supplies, bitter cold, and death from starvation and exhaustion. Archaeological evidence, native oral traditions, and written sources help us reconstruct the past and understand the way in which landscape shaped the culture and the history of these people in their original homelands and how they had to adapt to a new environment west of the Mississippi River.

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McClung Museum. Scholars Debate. Guiding Student Discussion. Links to Online Resources. Illustration Credits. When tribals were unable to pay their loan or the interest thereon, money-lenders and landlords usurped their lands.

The tribals thus became tenants on their own land and sometimes even bonded labourers. The courts were not only ignorant of the tribal agrarian system and customs but also were unaware of the plight of the tribals. The management of forests also led some tribes to revolt, as forests in some regions are the main sources of their livelihood.

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These rules not only deprived the tribals of several forest products but also made them victims of harassment by the forest officials. This led tribes in Andhra Pradesh and some other areas to launch movements. Raghavaiah in his analysis in of tribal revolts from to listed 70 revolts and gave their chronology.

The Anthropological Survey of India in their survey in of tribal movements identified 36 on-going tribal movements in India.

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Some studies on tribal movements have been conducted and reported in North-East and Central India. Tribal movements after independence have been classified by K. In the first two phases before independence, K.

Singh holds that in their effort to introduce British administration in the tribal areas, the British came in conflict with the tribal chiefs. The rebellious tribal leaders revolted against the British and exhorted their followers to drive out the outsiders.

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Such movements were launched by Oraon, Mundas, Maikda, etc. Stephen Fuchs has dealt with a large number of first types of tribal movements.

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None of them propose a theoretical framework. Further, Chotanagpur was the most advanced of the tribal regions in terms of literacy, political consciousness and industrial progress.

These Missions promoted education, planted the notion of private rights in land, and emphasised a sense of separateness from the rest. The Jharkhand movement after developed in phases—from ethnicity to regionalism Singh,