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This call that God has placed in my life is one that can be used to help in his ultimate plan. I will be able to help others in their time of need, ministering to them. I will be able to do a part of what Jesus did minister to those around him sharing the good news of the gospel. Speaking to others about the love of Christ and that had given us his most precious gift John My career will be based on ministering to others about the belief that God is alive and well active in life of all that he has made.

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Lastly, God made all that is in heaven above to all that is here on the earth below. He give his soon to die on a cross for our sins, now does that sound like a God who is not involved in any part of his creation? The answer is no, God has always been there and always will be for those who need, call and trust in him. That is the belief that will help me to be successful in what God has planted in my heart to be.

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Why I am an Atheist

What is the meaning and purpose of life? What is righteous behavior and what is sinful? Why is so much suffering caused and does it have any purpose? How can a greater and lasting happiness be found in life?

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What happens at death? What happens thereafter? Is there anything such as judgment? Will the righteous be rewarded? Such are the questions that weigh heavily upon any person seeking a deeper meaning of life, and possibly the way to salvation. They are no easy self-evident answers to these questions.

get link We will write a custom essay sample on My Belief System or any similar topic only for you. One cannot come to any clear-cut conclusions to these questions using thinking and analysis, although philosophers do try to do so. The ultimate questions of life belong to the dimension of metaphysics, and have to be largely accepted as a matter of belief or faith. Mind has little to do with them, they are more related to the heart and the soul of a person. For example, the existence of soul itself is not something one can infer from rational analysis or physical dissection. Yet the existence of soul is central to nearly every religious belief system on the earth.

Logical thinking cannot make anything of such a belief.

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Similarly, the presence of God is something beyond the reach of human mind to comprehend. Yet, a belief in God is again the core of nearly every religious belief system. I myself follow a deeply Christian belief system that is founded upon the Glory of God and the mystery of His creation.

When we enter the domain of a religious system, we have to leave the mind behind and follow the voice of the heart. I believe that we should follow a belief system not because our parents followed it or the people around us follow it, but simply because there is a resonance between the elements of that particular religious thinking and oneself. Of course, usually one finds this special affinity to the religious tradition one is born into, and that is the case with me too.

I am a Protestant Christian and I find that the Protestants have a direct and intimate approach to religion. I am at home among Protestant Christians and particularly in my church and denomination, the Baptist Christians. I believe that deep down, the religious impulse of men and women all over the world is the same. But when religion is taken seriously, the essential nature of divergent belief systems can be the same though the contents differ, sometimes radically as between Eastern pantheistic religions and the strictly monotheistic Judeo-Christian religion.

Let me offer a relevant example here from the world of physics: an electron can be a particle and also a wave at the same time. Common sense tells us that something cannot be a particle and a wave at the same time, surely that is impossible in the very nature of things — and yet in reality it can happen and in fact this is how things are. Thus, almost paradoxically, although I am strong believer in the tenets of my own faith, I do not fanatically or arrogantly claim or even think that my denomination, my sect, my religion, is exclusively correct and all others wrong.

I believe that ultimately, the mystery of God cannot be contained by any particular belief system.