Essay on duty towards my country

A belief of Nepali existence and the pride of being a Nepali. And what better time than this to unite and prove the power of the silent! Almost half the continent just showed that remaining quiet has never and will never make things better but each small candle lights some corner of the dark.

I'm sure most of us have felt this way and immediately felt helpless after that. Maybe due to small reach and stage. But a step away lies the answer. All you have to do is to channelize the concerns. Nepal unites has members who are not politicians no big shots of industries but Nepalese.

All united by the silent scream for a country we all want to improve. The modus operandi is simple yet powerful. Gather everywhere you can without disrupting the common public life and silently show that we are watching. We stand there because we care and we will continue to do so till we amend the way the functioning is managed.

The ever increasing crowds from mandala to BICC to khula manch is a testimonial to the belief that people are mobilizing beyond just talks and blames. It would continue to live till we see a decisive and concrete positive development. Some might rubbish the efforts saying the draft of the constitution will not improve the situation as the leaders are corrupt anyway.

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But that's a very pessimistic approach because after the drafting, the constitution will immediately provide policy interruption in the discontrolled functions and is also imperative for a gradual long term restructuring. The pressure needs to mount. It's a silent battle but the victory sounds will be heard loud and long. The only ask is, to live "the great Nepali dream" and live to achieve it. Now if we compare the development of India from the developed country we are counted as the developing country in the world.

When it is trying its best to become one but right now if we have the current situation it is in the process of becoming one of the developed countries.

My Duty towards my Country Essay

Democracy in India it is something which gives each and every person its own right to speak whatever is there in their minds. They can ask any question to anyone because they are living in at democratic country you can come there if you have a question and it is valid you can ask it to even the Prime Minister of the country. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Before the further discussion about the role of conventional journalism and citizen journalism, an introduction of the case is of central importance as it is such a complex story that cannot be reduced to several words.

Two waves of blasts happened in a warehouse storing toxic chemicals in Ruihai International Logistics at the Binhai Industrial Park in the Chinese port city of Tianjin.

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It have killed more than a hundred people including firefighters, left hundreds more injured or homeless, and caused. The role of government is to promote the general welfare of citizens.

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Arguably, this promotion should include providing and financing health care services. While other developed nations like Canada, New Zealand, and Switzerland have campaigned and accepted universal coverage as the method in which to promote welfare of citizens, the evolution of these efforts in the U. S have failed1. For more than a century, universal coverage advocates in the U. S, believed they were close to success in the development.

As a global citizen i believe i am from this earth not from one country of another and this reminds me that we are all the same, despite of our differences we are all still human beings with the same origins, a beating heart and blood running through our veins. My consciousness towards my Creator GOD leads me to be conscious of all lives, cultures, races and beliefs.

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As a Global citizen in my personal life i hold myself accountable for many responsibilities and roles, some of which i have. In this paper, I will examine two aspects of this issue. First, I will examine the nature of the post-colonial state and its impact on the legal rights of Nigerian citizens. Secondly, I will outline the two sources of human rights violations that are most significant: the response of the government to threats to its territorial integrity and the persistence of intra-ethnic violence.

One source of human rights violations. Unit VI discussed how crucial and vital ethics and accountability is in our government. It also talks about the significance of our own moral code, seeing that public ethics are part of the overall value system, and is culture. The English Bill of Rights changed the lives of the people of England and changed the role of citizens in Monarchy. The English Bill of Rights changed the role of citizens in Monarchy by assuring that citizens may petition the King without receiving any punishments, allowing them have the freedom of speech and by assuring that they will not be charged with any odd punishment or a large sum of fine.