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It was a really good book. More importantly though, it had a really good message.

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The book is written from the perspective of a boy who recently had a girl from his school commit suicide. One day, he finds a package on his door and inside it has 13 cassette tapes and a note. The note explains that if you got the box, you were a reason why she had killed herself, and you had to listen to all of them to find out. It was her way of explaining herself and telling her story. Yet at the same time, it was showing the people who had harmed her that actions speak louder than words.

The boy who listens to the tapes hadn't actually done anything to harm her. He was on there because she wanted him to know how she felt about him, and I guess she wanted to share her story with him.

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While the book covers some controversial material, it shares an amazing message. Little actions go a long way in how people perceive their own lives.

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This girl was abused, bullied, taunted, and multiple other things, causing her to take her own life. Yet so often in our everyday lives, these things happen and nobody even says anything. I personally have been through it all. On a list of struggles that a person who decided to commit suicide has been through, I would have more of them checked than not. The book doesn't teach the "It gets better" concept.

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Because sometimes it doesn't. From the beginning of Thirteen Reasons Why , we know that our protagonist, Hannah Baker, has already taken her own life. We hear her stories through audio recordings she made before she died, and everything in the novel is tainted by the knowledge of her death.

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But don't put it down just because it's tough: that's the beauty of it. Suicide is a more common issue for teens and young adults than for any other age group. The success of Jay Asher 's novel shows that there is a real need for books dealing with topics — like suicide — that are hard to talk about. This novel, along with the 13RW Project it inspired, tries to create a safe, comfortable space where readers can explore the issue. It's not a fun topic, no; but it's one many young people grapple with every day.

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After it came out in , Asher and his publishers were a little surprised at how successful it turned out to be it was his debut novel, after all. So how did Asher get the idea to write a book like this? Well, as so often happens with great stories, it was born from a few seemingly unrelated events. Asher himself had confronted the issue of suicide when his relative attempted to take her own life.

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An audio tour of King Tut's tomb inspired the novel's unique multimedia format. And finally, an icy Wyoming road inspired the suspenseful plot. He destroyed many lives especially fin not only was there a major effect on fin, but Daniels actions had far reaching consequences on his brother tom and himself. As fin was in the car when it crashed he was severely injured leaving him a quadriplegic and a burden amongst his family However, the statement may be an over simplification.

One issue with the statement is that it assumes that everyone believes that they have the freedom to choose, which is not always the case. People in the military are taught that they must follow orders. This is pounded into their heads throughout basic training.

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Following orders is supposed to keep things running smoothly and keep people safe, even when the soldiers do not agree with the orders being given The result from this break up are brutal the main victims being the children being left confused and uncomfortable. The higher the divorce rates the higher the school dropouts, the higher the violence in schools, the higher the rates of bullying, and physical abuse in the schools.

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