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When someone hands you a business letter, you are the only person that receives that letter. Never consider your emails to be private. Since email is sent over networks, it's possible that others could gain access to them or receive them by mistake. An email can be intercepted by a hacker or go to an incorrect email address and wind up in someone else's inbox.

Therefore, be careful what information you send in an email. If it's private information that you don't want anyone else to see, email may not be the best communication method to use. Your sensitive information and messages are very accessible to hackers and even unsuspecting recipients when you use email.

A disadvantage of email is that people tend to treat it like a conversation because email can happen so quickly. They begin to use slang terms and try to carry on conversations via email.

However, since email recipients cannot see each other, the emails do not have any voice inflection or emotion that can help with proper interpretation. This can and does cause misinterpretations of the emotion behind the email, leading to hurt feelings, anger, resentment and many more emotions. It's a good idea to reread your emails before sending them and look for wording that could be taken in a negative light.

Inaddition, long period of using e -book may create some health problems such as vision problem and headache. And finally, every consumer can not afford to buy it because these books are expensive in market. In conclusion, although e-books can cause some problems and are expensive, overall it is positive because it do not create pollution and does not require special space and also it is necessary to step forward in this technololical era.

Please help, I am confused. Hi Liz.. I am taking coaching for GT Ielts but confused on one matter.. My teacher suggested that if you give only one side view with strong and comprehensible ideas then the chances of getting high marks is more.. Can you please suggest that how it should be?? I am targeting for 8 bands in writing section so this clarity is essential to me. Thanks a lot. You get marked on your ability to present a position and support your position. It is easier to support a one sided approach and it is more difficult to present a balanced view.

For that reason, teachers recommend students to aim for the one sided approach to avoid such mistakes. I also think that students who have not received professional training in the balanced view should not attempt it. All the best Liz. Thanks for your reply Liz.. If question is- to what extent do you agree or disagree.. It is difficult to write a balanced view because it does NOT mean you agree with both sides at all. Hello, please take a look at my essay, it is not words, i just want to know if i have written correctly.

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Thank you in advance. Recently, increasing number of people prefer reading e-books instead of paper books.

Understanding All the Advantages and Disadvantages of Email

In my opinion, drawbacks of this trend overweigh its advantages. E-books are convinient, because of their size and memory. Another good side of electroic books is their screenlights which make us able to read even at dark. I always use my e-book during exams, because i do not want to put books in my bag. In contrast, as all electronic devices e-books are bad for eyes. Book-publishing companies go to bankrupcy or merge with others, because of low sales and high competition.

For example, in late twentieth century the number of books published exceeds current figures. U have to write 1 intro.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using E-Mail

You present your opinion in the introduction, not conclusion. There is only one question to answer so answer it at the start of your essay not the end. Please see my coming paid video for training. I have just a few more clips to film. Then I need to edit the film. Fingers crossed.

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  5. Hello, I have a question …. When I write the inntroduction of any essay I must paraphrase the sentence given at the beginning, but when I write my conclusion I must restate the ideas that I paraphrased it in the itroduction, this means can I restate it using the same words given in the sentence? Hello ms. Is it discussion text, information text, description….. That is a whole sentence which you have learned and copied.

    The examiner has seen it used many, many times. Which is the correct order? Put the advantages in one BP and the disadvantages in the other BP. Make sure you clearly show which outweighs which. So I have some questions:. But you can do it one paragraph for weaker position and two for stronger position right — as you recommended is possible in your post.

    Thank you. You put adv in the first BP and disadvantages in the 2nd BP. Keep it simple and clear. However, it is possible to have just one adv and two disadv in separate paragraphs if you wish to support disad. Just few years back, plenty of people are selecting to read e-books instead of than paper books in my opinion, i concur reading papers books rather than reading e books because e-books need to charge a battery and handle with care, but sometimes e-books are most helpful in traveling i could download the number of books in on e-book system i dont have to carry number of books.

    Please see my notice at the top of my blog. Never use language symbols instead of common words. The only accepted symbols are percentage and currency symbols. Can you do me a favour by point out what the possible structure are for advantages and disadvantages? Regards, Julie Great acknowledgement!

    However, got both, you will usually have two body paragraphs — one for each. Body 1 adv Body 2 adv Conclusion.

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    It is a direct question which you must answer. Do you think the advantages are more important than the disadvantages? You give your answer in the introduction and explain it in the body.

    Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi, my name is Elizabeth Liz. January 28, by Liz Comments. Essay Question Sample In recent years, more and more people are choosing to read e-books rather than paper books. Tips for Outweigh Essay Questions To answer this type of IELTS essay question you must: brainstorm ideas supporting both sides first this question is asking for your opinion answer the question — do you think the advantages or the disadvantages are most important?

    Which one? Sharing is caring Comments Ahad says. October 15, at am. Smruthi says. April 24, at am. Hi liz, this is Smruthi from kochi, India. Am giving test on 26th this month. Words April 25, at am.

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