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By early , she made her debut at the Apollo Theater and appeared in a one-reeler film with Duke Ellington She made her first record with Benny Goodman. She made the songs classics because of her singing ability. Coltrane would soon find that this addiction would be his biggest obstacle during his musical career. In Duke Ellington brought him onto his band to replace Johnny Hodges but soon fired Coltrane as well due to his dependency on drugs Selfridge These men all lived vastly different lives, but one exploit that they will always hold in common is that they helped to develop jazz into the integral part of music it exists as today.

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Jazz created a form of expression that allowed an entire generation to show what they valued and what they represented in life, which is exactly what the men I mentioned earlier did. Accordingly, they did not just make catchy tunes for dancing to and. Both ensembles performed a variety of songs generally under the jazz genre, featuring artists studied in the course, including Duke Ellington, Count Basie and George Gershwin.

Furthermore, the improvisational vocal style, which influenced by the blues, adds distinctiveness to the classic American popular song. CH12 Question 3 Compare Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington in terms of two musical polarities: improvisation versus composition, and solo playing versus ensemble playing. If we combine the two music polarities, which are improvisation versus composition, and solo playing versus ensemble playing.

The black community used art such as music, literature, and paintings to express social freedom. This phenomenon created culture pride within the community.

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  • Their art is significant to American history because it mirrored and gave. Langston Hughes is one of the most known writers of the Harlem Renaissance. He was born February 1, When Langston was still a child he moved to Lincoln, Illinois. Langston began writing poetry in Lincoln. Two musical examples to be analyzed are L. Blues derived from and was largely played by southern Black men, most of who came from the surroundings of agricultural workers. The earliest references to Blues date back to the s and early s.

    In W. Handy 's who was known. This more stable style invited dance, and the swing era is also associated with a dance craze, carried out in dance halls and clubs. Duke Ellington got his start in the swing era, as one of the earliest musicians to create the big band effect Verve. World War II changed the jazz world again and influenced the development of Bebop. As the war took away many of the musicians that. This sub-culture treatment has led many critics to disregard the Jazz movement as a dance craze, or unsuccessful recreations of Classical pieces.

    Before Duke Ellington's Cotton Club performances, Jazz play on the radio was delegated for late night audience only.

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    At the age of nineteen she met and married Louis Jones. Together they had two children Gail and Teddy who later died in from kidney failure. While trying to get used to raising a family and having a career, she received a call from an agent, who had seen her at the Cotton Club, about a part in a movie. Washington D. As jazz became more and more popular, the genre became identified by several defining qualities. To begin with, swing and syncopation play a major role in jazz.

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    Swing is a rhythmic style produced from the subdivision of a quarter note into a triplet. This rhythmic style of swing is the quality.