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There is no duty to invite the advisor to chair the dissertation committee. The student, in consultation with the Chair, selects two other members of the Dissertation Committee, at least one of whom is a member of the Graduate Group in Nursing. The third individual may be a faculty member at or outside of the University of Pennsylvania with approval from the Graduate Group in Nursing Chair.

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In some cases, the student may have a committee of more than three individuals. Exceptions may be made for committee members with a non-Research Doctorate for example, MD or DNP if they are members of a University of Pennsylvania Graduate Group or demonstrate other evidence of participation in research-intensive roles. The Dissertation Chair will be responsible for making this decision and must notify the Graduate Group in Nursing Chair.

Following Dissertation Seminar, the student will be registered for dissertation status. Registration is done by the Office of Student Information and is required in each succeeding semester until all degree requirements are met.

Dissertation Formatting Help: APA-Style Headings Explained

A student on Dissertation Status who wishes to take additional coursework may do so with approval of the academic advisor and Graduate Group in Nursing Chair depending on available funding for tuition. While supported by School of Nursing or federal funding, students may only take coursework that is directly related to their dissertation question. The preparation of the dissertation constitutes the final phase of the PhD program.

The dissertation should demonstrate a high-level of analytical and research competence and represent an original contribution to the field of nursing science. It is expected that the formation of a topic will begin in the early phases of study in the program and grow out of experience and work in the focused area of science and scholarship. It is also expected that the dissertation topic will build on the research and expertise of two or more members of the Graduate Group in Nursing.

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Generally, three dissertation formats are appropriate. The best option depends on the type of research planned. Each format is described in the table below, with an explanation of the nature and scope of work for the dissertation proposal. Additional formats may be suggested as nursing science continues to evolve; formats of dissertations and proposals that are not addressed below will be considered. In this case, the Dissertation Chair and student will review their recommended format with the Graduate Group in Nursing Chair. University of Pennsylvania policy permits dissertations based on joint work with other researchers, provided that, in such cases, a unique and separate dissertation is presented by each degree candidate.

The candidate must include a concise account of his or her contribution to the whole work. Authorship of a dissertation by more than one degree candidate is not allowed.

Dissertation Formatting Help: APA-Style Headings Explained

Chapter 1: Introduction to the body of work Chapters Three manuscripts prepared for submission, submitted or published in appropriate peer-reviewed journals. At least two of the three manuscripts should be data-based i.

Data-based manuscripts should include aims, background, methods, results, and conclusions. One of the three papers can be a new grant proposal such as a post-doctoral fellowship application. Chapter 5: Summary chapter synthesizing conclusions, implications, and future directions. Additional information about the format and requirements of this format are described below. PHS page limits do not apply; proposals using the PHS subheadings will likely be longer than single-spaced pages. An NRSA proposal is not an acceptable dissertation proposal.

If using the PHS subheadings for the dissertation proposal, the student should negotiate the appropriate scope of the Background and Significance section in advance with the Chair and Committee. An underdeveloped background and significance section may be grounds for failing the Candidacy Exam. The Graduate Group allows students who publish papers during their doctoral program to use these papers as part of their dissertation. Following are the requirements and format for the Three Article dissertation option:. When the written dissertation is completed to the satisfaction of the dissertation committee, an oral defense with public and closed components will be scheduled for two hours.

The examining committee for the dissertation consists of the dissertation committee and two readers from the Graduate Group in Nursing who are appointed by the Graduate Group in Nursing Chair. All members of the Graduate Group and doctoral students as well as other individuals whose presence is desired by the student are invited to the public component. The public component consists of a brief presentation of the findings and their implications by the student followed by a brief question and answer by individuals who are not members of the examining committee.

The following component may be either open or closed depending on the preference of the Dissertation Chair.

Table of contents

In this portion, guests may be excused while questioning and discussion by the readers, the dissertation committee members, and the student occur. At least three members of the dissertation committee must participate in the defense. Participation of one of the three may be via video or audio. Please start the scheduling process at least six weeks in advance of the potential dissertation defense date.

Claire M. Telephone: Admissions: Penn Nursing. Examining Committee The preparation of the Candidacy Examination occurs under the guidance of the Dissertation Committee. Format The Candidacy Examination contains a written and an oral component.

Dissertation findings and discussion sections

Oral Component For the oral portion of the Candidacy Examination, which is two hours in length, the student provides an oral presentation of the dissertation proposal and responds to questions by the Examining Committee. Procedure Please start the scheduling process at least six weeks in advance of the potential exam date. The student should consult the Dissertation Committee for potential date s and time s for the oral defense portion of the Candidacy Examination. The oral Candidacy Examination is scheduled for two hours. The student should email 1 the title of the paper, 2 names of the Dissertation Chair and committee, and 3 names of at least four suggested readers from the Graduate Group in Nursing two will be selected , in priority order, to the Graduate Group Chair with a copy to the Dissertation Chair and the Associate Director of Graduate Academic Affairs.

Several names of readers should be suggested for scheduling purposes, but not contacted in advance for their availability. The Graduate Group Chair will review the list of suggested readers and reply to the student, Dissertation Chair, and Associate Director of Graduate Academic Affairs with the approved names of potential readers to contact in order. Then the student should contact the top two suggested readers first to ask for availability, and move down the list until two examiners are available see here for a suggested email template.

Once the date and time are finalized, the student should request a small sized conference room on the Facilities Office intranet site. It is recommended that the student schedule the room for the required two hours plus 15 minutes prep time and at least 15 minutes post-exam time in case additional discussion is needed. Once the student receives a confirmation email from the Facilities Office, the student should confirm the date, time, and room of the exam with the committee, with a copy to the Associate Director for Graduate Academic Affairs, who will note it for official records.

The student is responsible for providing the exam committee and readers with a copy of the exam at least two weeks before the exam date. The student should bring the Candidacy Exam form to the examination for committee signatures, and then return the form to the Office of Student Services. Date published March 15, by Courtney Gahan. The table of contents is where you list the chapters and major sections of your dissertation, along with their page numbers. A clear and well-formatted contents page is essential as it indicates a quality paper is to follow.

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The table of contents belongs between the abstract and the introduction. The maximum length should be two pages. Table of contents Example of a table of contents What to include in your table of contents Automatically creating a table of contents in Word Applying heading styles Automatically updating the table of contents Other lists in your dissertation. Check with your university or other educational institution to see if there are any specific formatting requirements you must adhere to.

All level one and two headings should be included in the table of contents. Level three headings are optional and should be omitted if you run over two pages. Subsections of each of these would be level two headings, and further subsections would be level three. Be sure to use clear headings throughout the document so that the table of contents is easy to navigate. Remember, the reader will see the table of contents before reading and understanding the rest of your dissertation. You should include all appendices in your table of contents.

go here Whether or not you include tables and figures depends largely on how many there are in your dissertation. If there are more than three figures and tables, you might consider listing them on a separate page. Otherwise, you can include each one in the table of contents. Learn more about lists of figures and tables.

You do not include the acknowledgements , abstract or table of contents itself on the contents page. The first two are located before the table of contents, so the reader has already seen these pages when they reach this section. Scribbr editors not only correct grammar and spelling mistakes, but also strengthen your writing by making sure your paper is free of vague language, redundant words and awkward phrasing. See editing example.

To automatically insert a table of contents in Microsoft Word, you must apply heading styles throughout the document. There are two steps to apply heading styles in your document. First, you must set the style for each heading level.