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However, some information on the internet is not accurate or current, and unfortunately, many web sites regarding healthcare offer misleading, incomplete, and incorrect information. Many consumers do not have the knowledge to judge and evaluate the quality of online information. This paper aims to discuss how the website WebMD presents information to readers.

It will evaluate WebMD according to its source, where was the source obtained; type of funding, is it commercially funded or private; the validity and quality, how valid is the information and can it be verified; and privacy, is your personal information …show more content….

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Source Wayne Gattinella is the Chief Executive Officer and President of WebMD which is sponsored by several pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment and health products. Medically certified authors submit information to WebMD which is reviewed by, a medical review board which consist of four physicians to ensure quality and accuracy. Medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses are the authours for the information found on WebMD who have their name and credentials listed at the end of each article and their affiliation. There is no contact information for further follow-up to the authour but individuals are encouraged to seek further medical advice. Information is easily obtained on this site with some patience and time; usually there are additional hyperlinks in these articles for additional information which is current and easily uploaded.

Funding WebMD is a for-profit organization which receives their funding from organizations, manufacturers, and other leaders dedicated to providing health and lifestyle information. Several advertisements are displayed on the site while you are searching for your topic of interest.

Advertisement on this site is clear and concise with information on where to obtain additional products and services.

WebMD holds the right to determine the types of Advertising that will be displayed on their site. Advertisements that could be considered as any form of endorsements of products or services will be. Show More.