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Below is an essay on Death Of Loved One from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Print This is not an example of the work written by Coping with death or the loss of a loved one is very. Death of a Loved One Name Institution Death of a Loved One Have you ever lost someone so close in your life that you would give anything in this world to just spend a On November 9, , my best friend was pronounced dead due to asphyxiation caused by a drug overdose.

Desmond Miller Harris was one of the thousands of people in the death of a loved one Essay a drug overdose. Desmond Miller Harris was one of the thousands of people in the United States who died in the year from a drug overdose. When these certain situations occur, you have two choices: You can Even an author of Dynamics of Grief: Its Source, Pain, and Healing said that While the pain of your loss is real and must be felt, there will come a time when you When a loved one dies, these roles and responsibilities shift and change.

Taking on new responsibilities, such as becoming a caregiver for a parent, can cause additional stress and resentment in grieving of a death of a loved one. Explicit family roles also change. No words will be enough. I am angry, suddenly: at the English language, at cancer, at my own messy overflowing emotions.

He is becoming more withdrawn. He says he is not in pain.

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But there is a quiet, barely perceptible struggle in play. I can see it in his eyes. Conversation is becoming difficult for him. His lungs are not cooperating. Then it comes: the morning when I will hug him and wish him the goodbye that is the last goodbye. We look at each other across the kitchen table in the morning light.

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He must leave the house before I do. He has an appointment, and my cousin Mike is taking him.

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Fifteen minutes. Ten minutes. He is putting on his shoes in the living room. I am glued to my seat in the kitchen, willing this goodbye not to happen, tears rolling down my face. My cousin Marci smiles kindly at me.

I hug him as hard as I can without hurting him. His shoulders are sharp, his abdomen distended from the toxins building up in his body. Maybe he has.

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I just remember his frail back turning away. Two weeks later, he is gone.

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  5. He passes away as we hoped he would: he simply does not wake up. My heart breaks, reading the text from Marci. There was no pain for him. The pain is ours. My cousin Mike sends me the memorial service details.

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    My cousin Marci tells me to feel free to write something for the occasion. That night, I wash the dishes and wonder what I will say. I take out the trash. I pause to stand on my rotting front porch, careful to avoid the place where the wood is the thinnest. The stars are showy tonight. I look up and hope he is there. I get the feeling he is. This, I realize, is what I have been waiting to see, waiting to capture. My father, no longer holding his breath.

    What was missing all those years was an invitation to the interior journey.

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