Compare contrast buddhism christianity essay

Buddhism, however is quite different.

Compare the Buddhist understandings of life after death with on other view

Buddha taught his followers the Four Noble Truths, the main ideas of seeking enlightenment. In addition to seeking enlightenment, people could reach nirvana, or a "release from pain and suffering". Buddha taught all his followers to treat all other living things with love and respect. Throughout both their lives, Jesus and Buddha spread the teachings they taught, Christianity and Buddhism.

After the resurrection of Jesus after his death in A. D 33, the disciples began to spread the word about Jesus. Paul, one of the disciples of Jesus, spent the rest of his life preaching and spreading Christianity to Jews and non-Jews alike. Just like Jesus, Buddha spread his teachings throughout his life.

Buddhism & Christianity with Peter Timmerman & Bruxy Cavey

Buddhism was appealing to many people born into the lower classes of Hinduism. It was also especially appealing to women, because they served as a much lower class. Buddhism does not require complex rituals like Hinduism.

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Just like when these religions were first introduced into the world, they have had a major influence on our culture. I know I cannot save myself, because I am a sinner. Please forgive my sin as I receive your gift of eternal life. I will turn away from my sin and place my trust on You.

Comparison of Buddhism and Christianity

The religion of Islam is built upon the five pillars that define the essential elements of Islam. He must then behave accordingly, applying this faith to every thing he speaks or does Muslims believe that this will improve his character and draw him closer to perfection.

Aside from the 5 pillars, all Muslim should love and be loyal to his Muslim brothers. He should, as a practice, dissociate himself completely from the unbelievers and refuse to be influenced by them, both in worldly and religious matters. On God. The original Buddhist philosophy does not entail any theistic world-view. Godly figures were introduced later.

On Salvation. Man lives his own fate, and has no one to blame but himself. In other words, you have to work for your salvation. Salvation is not based on work. It is a free gift to all who would accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Salvation is based on work through implementing the five pillars in life.

Buddhism vs Christianity - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

On Eternal Life. In a sense, there is eternal life. But one is not sure what his next life will end up being.

Compare and Contrast Buddhism and Christianity Essay

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