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Mr Storment expressed how he regretted having words with his son. After a pleasant evening with the family, Wiley apologised to his father, and said good night. Not long after, Wiley came to his father to say he could not get to sleep. I walked him back to his room and shut all the windows. We had another quick snuggle and a sweet exchange.

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Then I went to bed for good. The next morning, Mr Storment left the house early in the morning without saying goodbye or checking on the boys. The medical examiner concluded Wiley had been dead for about eight to ten hours before Jessica found him.

He said the silver lining was he now has the opportunity to improve his relationship with his son Oliver. The decided to buy a tent with their combine money. Napoleon in his childhood used to play fighting and had great enthusiasm for mock warfare later he distinguished himself as one of the greatest military genius of the world. Florence Nightingale early in her life, indications of her future course of life.

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David Havingstone used to play exploring when he was still a boy. Eventually he became one of the greatest explorers of the world Clive and Neon gave evidence in their boyhood of qualities which characterized them later as man. Examples are many. Marcellino Fillies wants to be a responsible father one day.

He is a passionate musician and teaches primary school children to play the marimba. His neighbourhood is plagued by alcohol abuse and gangsterism, but he did not become involved in crime. He says he was too busy taking care of his younger siblings.

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Growing up with his mother, Marcellino had to look after his younger brothers. He would get home and make him supper, wash him, play with him, and then put him to bed.

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In between, he did his best to do his homework. Individual biographies are of course quite different all over the country. It is important to note that some young men have a positive understanding of fatherhood even though they did not marry the young ladies they had babies with. When boys made the transition to manhood in the past, they were advised, for example at Xhosa initiation schools, on how to manage their lives as well as homes. Today, this often does not play out anymore. All too often, fathers run away after making girls pregnant.

In South Africa, men show little interest in family planning — and they are normally not expected to do so. Contraception is thus the responsibility of their female partners, who, however, feel that their duty is to please the men.

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It would help if all young men had fathers who served as good role models right from the start. Sonwabiso Ngcowa is a creative writer and social scientist. English Deutsch. User menu Log in. Inhalt Briefings. Digital future. Global action is needed to grasp digital oppurtunities and avoid the pitfalls.

How gender roles are shaped, reinforced and changed. The SDG agenda is unprecdented and requires adeqaute funding. Mental disorders are obstacles to development and deserve more attention.

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Private-sector education is growing fast. Violent conflict, state failure and natural disasters force masses of people to leave their homes. The global trade regime is in disarray, but so far has not suffered long term damage. Desertification, biodiversity loss and other destructive trends compound risks of climate change. Good governance requires generally accepted laws, responsible enforcement and broad-based participation in public affairs.

Regulating the narcotic market is a responsible alternative to prohibition.

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The politics of providing opportunities to everyone are difficult. What impacts digitalisation can have on employment. Why civil disobedience is inherently non-authoritarian. Civil society and local government. Sustainable business and sustainable environment. Democracy and the rule of law. Disasters and humanitarian relief. Employment and the fight against poverty.

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Food security and agriculture. International relations and cooperation. Peace and human security. Physical and social infrastructures. World regions. Nkurunziza rules out running again. Sub-Sahara Africa. Southeast Asia and Pacific.