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Description: This dissertation is largely a project of redescription and taxonomy. In it, I redescribe, reclassify, and recontextualize the divinatory practices of the apostle Paul. Religious Studies sponsor Genre: theses Keywords: divinatory practices paul apostle paul ancient christianity mediterranean religions wonder workers roman religions practice theory taxonomy Divination Miracle workers Romans--Religion.

Description: By examining the history of the sound newsreel in the s and s, this dissertation illustrates how moving picture news changed the way Americans experienced American Civilization sponsor Genre: theses Keywords: newsreel documentary film history moviegoing media history cultural history Lindbergh Sino-Japanese War Motion picture journalism Documentary films Mass media and history Sino-Japanese War Description: Organized opposition to immigration, globalization, and minority groups in Sweden exploded during the s and s, energized in large part by the spread of skinhead Soon after the Jurchen conquered Description: This dissertation studies the philosophical implications and formal repercussions of melancholy in Spanish poetry at the turn of the seventeenth century, along with the constructions Description: The "half-read" knowledge of classical and Celtic languages exerted a major ideological impact on the development of political and linguistic nationalisms in twentieth-century Ireland, Scotland Description: "'Inflamed by Daily Practices': John Cassian and Ethical Formation" is the first inter-disciplinary treatment of the ethical program fostered by the fifth-century Christian ascetic John Description: Why do some citizens pursue civic engagement after exposure to violence while others retreat from civic life?

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Description: Studies of the superconductor-insulator transition SIT arose from the investigations of metal-insulator transitions MIT in the two dimensional limit. The SIT is a typical example Department of Physics sponsor Genre: theses Keywords: Low temperatures Superconductivity quantum phase transition superconductor insulator transition.

Description: The superconductor-insulator transition SIT is a well-known phenomenon that is observed in many types of superconducting systems, including elemental films and high Tc superconductors. Physics sponsor Genre: theses Keywords: quantum phase transition superconductor to insulator transition transport in two-dimensional thin films nanoscale superconducting inhomogeneities Superconductivity. Dark Matter Decaying in the Expanding Universe. Description: The last few years have seen significant interest in decaying dark matter.

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Specific models have been conjectured to account for observations that are not predicted Description: For my graduate research, I have focused on the creation of high resolution weak lensing mass maps in order to study dark matter substructure in Physics sponsor Genre: theses Keywords: dark matter weak lensing clusters of galaxies Dark matter Astronomy Galaxies--Clusters. Defects in Two Dimensional Colloidal Crystals.

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Description: We use digital video microscopy to study the defects in two-dimensional colloidal crystals 2DCC. A crystalline solid, different from its liquid state, preserves long-wavelength shear Physics sponsor Genre: theses Keywords: Defects Colloidal crystals. Description: Alkenones are lipids produced by certain haptophyte algae and are excellent sensors of temperature change.

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This dissertation investigates the stable isotopic and organic geochemical aspects Geological Sciences sponsor Genre: theses Keywords: alkenone biomarker climate holocene greenland paleoclimate Biochemical markers Isotopes Climatology Holocene Geologic Period Limnology Paleoclimatology. Direct Statistical Simulation of Chaos and Turbulence.

Description: Statistical descriptions are well-suited for chaotic systems and turbulent flows. Luckily, most universities have a thesis database.

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