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Publishing in OA journals appears to be a solution that can be adopted once evaluation criteria have been changed; otherwise, this is too risky for not yet established scientists. Reading publications seems obvious, but is unfeasible, given that decisions have to be made, in some cases, on a daily basis.

The scientific community has to think more thoroughly about how it wants research to be evaluated and establish common criteria that can be implemented in the evaluation procedures.

This calls for deeper transformations in the way we think about scholarly progress: what is good science and what makes a good scientist? I have seen students and postdocs who, even before starting a project, already think about the IF of the journal they would end up publishing in. This energy spent on chasing a high IF publication is distracting from the efforts that underlie scientific training.

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Those scientists will eventually become lab heads themselves and promote the same questionable incentives for research. But if we ask recent Nobel Laureates what brought them to success on the long term, they often answer the following : consistent solid work and not the focus on IF. I believe that one of the most important skills in science is to identify interesting questions and design the best experiments to answer them with appropriate controls — something that takes time and energy to learn.

This energy can absolutely not be wasted on an obsession with IF. In my humble opinion, research should be driven by curiosity and passion.

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It needs knowledge, perseverance, good mentors, a stimulating scientific environment as well as some luck to succeed. If we really want to enlarge the frontier of knowledge, junior as well as established scientists have to start setting the criteria for what is good and rigorous science again — as if there were no IF. Lindau Alumna Tanja is a postdoc at the University Medical Center Freiburg in Germany, where she is studying transcriptional regulation and epigenetic mechanisms in human cells.

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