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For its optional essays, the admissions committee has maintained its multipart questionnaire prompt which is much less complicated than it may seem at first glance and an open-ended prompt that gives applicants the opportunity to address any unclear or problem areas in their profile.

These four essays together should allow you to present a well-rounded impression of yourself to the school, complementing the information presented in your resume, recommendations, and basic stats with insight into who you are as an individual and who you hope to be as a future business leader. Our full essay analysis for Berkeley Haas follows….

Application Requirements

Required Essay 1: What makes you feel alive when you are doing it, and why? If you are truly excited about something—and, we would assume, therefore engage in it on a regular basis—writing about it should not prove too challenging. Authenticity is key to your success here.

The school does not stipulate that your topic needs to come from a specific area of your life e. What Berkeley Haas wants to learn from this essay is what gets your heart pumping and mind racing. Enthusiasm and intensity can be very inspiring and energizing and can lead to big ideas and actions.

University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business MBA Essay Topic Analysis

Sharing what incites such feelings in you gives the admissions committee an idea of where you might someday make an impression on the world, how you might leave your mark—especially once you are equipped with all you will gain and learn during your MBA experience. That said, do not worry if the thing you feel so fervently about might initially seem commonplace to someone else.

For example, perhaps you feel passionate about basketball. Because this is an interest anyone could share and enjoy, you might have concerns that it could sound pedestrian or unremarkable—and for many, this is a completely unremarkable pastime and one they should not write about. If, however, you can show that you have engaged with basketball in a way that takes the activity well beyond being a commonplace hobby and that it is something you connect with on a deep level and in various ways—perhaps having played for many years, you now coach youth teams from underprivileged neighborhoods in your community—then it most definitely becomes an acceptable discussion topic.

Of course, we are offering basketball here just for illustration purposes. We imagine you likely feel the flow when engaging in a completely different activity or even engaging in disparate activities that are unified by a single behavior, such as when you are creating something, or perhaps motivating others. The options are very much endless. Once you have identified the passion you wish to discuss, avoid simply telling the admissions committee about it and instead illustrate how it manifests in your life.

A successful essay response will not only paint a clear picture of your passion but also highlight the elements of your personality that make it significant to you. Required Essay 2: At Berkeley Haas, we are redefining leadership.

We encourage speaking up and listening, and courageously use our power to address barriers and drive change for positive impact. Tell us how a Berkeley Haas MBA would enhance your leadership profile, incorporating specific examples.

Although the school does not explicitly ask that you discuss leadership within the context of your career for this essay, we believe that focusing on your professional experience is best here. You like to solve problems at work, and to have the freedom to pursue the question wherever it takes you. Do you enjoy research because it allows you to be creative to solve problems? Delve into your own motivations and see what is really driving your talents.

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Being specific about why you do what you do will help you with all of your essays. This essay specifically asks for examples.

The admissions committee knows that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. They want to see when you have shown leadership in the past. Specific examples also extend to showing what you know about Haas and demonstrating the specifics that will enhance your leadership profile. Specifically, note that Haas defines leadership in a way that is both inclusive and bold. Think about the times in your work and life that show these qualities. When have you stood up for something you believe in? For example, have you ever used your voice to express an opinion where it was not necessarily safe or welcome?

12222 MBA Essay Questions: UC-Berkeley Haas

That is a demonstration of bravery. In particular, Haas wants to see that you have stood up for others. Consider describing a time when you have listened to other voices on your team and changed your point of view, or included a diverse viewpoint. Leadership profile directly relates to your long-term goals.

As a result, it will be useful to describe those goals here. Haas values people who have a passion for their pursuits. What drives you to pursue your long-term career goals?

Berkeley Haas MBA Application Deadlines 12222-2020

How are your goals meaningful to you? Perhaps you will be able to impact the lives of others, lead change, or drive innovation. Your motivations are important to explore and describe to the admissions committee. Finally, consider how Haas will help you enhance your leadership skills and style. Research specific classes, professors, clubs and activities that you think will help hone your skills and improve your career opportunities.

We invite you to help us better understand the context of your opportunities and achievements:.

If you have you ever been responsible for providing significant and continuing financial or supervisory support for someone else, please indicate:. Please elaborate on any of your above responses. Alternatively, you may use this opportunity to expand on other hardships or unusual life circumstances that may help us understand the context of your opportunities, achievements, and impact. Berkeley Haas is committed to understanding applicants completely.

By seeking deeper background into your family and your life circumstances, your accomplishments can be contextualized. Questions are self-explanatory and should be answered honestly. In Question 6 you have the choice to either elaborate on your life circumstances as described in Questions , or to discuss a new piece of information about hardships or life circumstances.

This new information can help the admissions committee understand your background more completely. For example, you might come from a highly educated family and your parents are professionals, but you moved to another country for college or a job. You might have felt challenged while speaking a second language and trying to acclimate to a new culture.

Or maybe your parents are fully employed now, but there was a period of unemployment in your family. During that period you learned how to thrive in a different way than you had expected.

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You might have changed course because of circumstances. Think about the areas of your life that asked the most of your resilience and ability to overcome. How have you used those experiences to continue to achieve and impact those around you? Haas recommends using this space to address any information you could not adequately cover elsewhere, specifically suggesting that any employment gaps or academic issues should be covered here. Otherwise, you can use one or two examples to demonstrate that you have an analytical mind. Use examples to show you take a quantitative approach to problem solving and evaluating data.

Alternatively, if you have taken any supplemental coursework to improve your quantitative profile, this is the place to describe and explain that coursework. A short gap between school and a secured job is not necessary to explain. However, an unexplained gap of several months between two jobs should be addressed. If your resume has significant employment gaps you should describe what you did between jobs in this space.